Generate. New Creative Jobs in Donegal, Ireland

The Generate programme will inspire growth, explore opportunities and create jobs in the creative and digital industries in Donegal. David will work in partnership with the Local Enterprise Office in Donegal to help creative businesses become even more successful.

The project will focus on small creative and digital businesses with the potential to grow and create jobs. The “Creative and Digital” definition includes businesses in the fields of Architecture, Music, Film and Video, Designer Fashion, Publishing, Marketing and Advertising, Website Design, Product Design, Arts and Crafts, Performing Arts, Computer Games, Digital Animation, Software Development, App Developers and others.

David will offer one to one business advice sessions, drawing on his own experience as a creative entrepreneurs and his work in the creative industries worldwide. The project will also include some workshops/masterclasses and other events which will address the needs of growing businesses in in the creative and digital sector in Donegal.

The Programme will select businesses with the following profiles:
– businesses that have the potential to grow and create new jobs in the next year or two.
– businesses in the digital industries as well as a wide range of creative businesses.
– businesses that already have two or more employees/partners and are seeking to expand further.

Businesses supported through the Programme will pay a small monthly fee. To apply to join the programme, email Liam Porter at the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) in Letterkenny.

Some free online resources are available for growing creative and digital businesses in Donegal and are online here.

new business growth project to generate new creative jobs in the creative industries in Donegal, Ireland.

David has been appointed to work with the Local Enterprise Office in Donegal to deliver this innovative business growth programme. This follows his participation in a highly successful Enterprise Week in Donegal earlier in the year (more…).

Generate programme for new creative jobs in Donegal, Ireland

The Generate Programme will take the experience and expertise used in the highly successful ‘Creative Growth Initiative’ project in Liverpool and adapt its successful approach and methodologies to the context of Donegal. David was centrally involved in the design and delivery of that project and brings his knowledge of this and other business development programmes to Donegal.

David specialises in advising businesses in the creative and digital industries, working internationally.

“David helped us to devise a marketing strategy which focuses on our competitive strengths and the best market segments. Using effective marketing techniques we have improved the way we connect our creative talents with profitable markets.”
– Janina Gaudin. Director. Pepperbot Studios Ltd. New Zealand

As an experienced and qualified business adviser, David is able to help creative enterprises to achieve their goals by using smart business thinking and the most appropriate techniques and management methods.

“David helped us to grow our digital business by working with us to clarify our vision and devise a feasible plan of action. He helped us orientate our business towards the best market segments, refine our marketing messages and improve our internal systems. Working with David was both enlightening and profitable.”
– Chris Abram. Managing Director. Brighter Design Ltd. UK

His marketing advice is backed up by his status as a ‘Chartered Marketer’ and Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM). He is also a member of several other professional associations.

David is the author of two books written for creative enterprises and wrote the ‘Creative, Cultural and Digital Industries Guide‘.

He also gives business advice on strategy, business growth, change management, leadership, raising finance, intellectual property, organisational structures, financial management, strategic marketing, competitor analysis, market research and other business issues facing creative entrepreneurs.

“David has been instrumental in developing our business strategy, and creating a new brand. I have worked with other consultants who facilitate rather than pitch in. David, with his wealth of experience within the creative industry, offered his own ideas and solutions, which was refreshing and hugely beneficial.”
Neil Adams. Managing Director. Powerhouse Digital Photography Ltd/Phood Studios

David often gives business advice to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), helping them to grow and become more profitable. He is also commissioned to give business advice to larger businesses and organisations. He has experience of working as a business adviser, consultant, trainer and speaker in over 50 countries world-wide.

A range of creative industry businesses have benefited from David’s business advice including product designers, musicians, film-makers, graphic designers, architects, video professionals, fashion designers, sculptors, web designers, crafts professionals, recording studios, advertising agencies, public relations companies, record labels, magazine and book publishers, TV and broadcasting, visual artists, theatre and performing arts practitioners, computer games professionals and others. His creative industries business advice is highly-acclaimed.

Some comments and testimonials from clients about his business advice are in this video on YouTube and others are listed below.

“David was excellent and very engaging. His advice about business development made what seems like a daunting task actually very simple by making you think differently.”
– Karen Maxwell. Design Director. Four-by-Two. Edinburgh, Scotland

“David is a great mentor and business coach. He is very responsive to our needs and understands the complicated business models of the Creative Industries”
– Jon Wetherall. Managing Director. Cool Game Arcade Ltd

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David Parrish. New creative jobs in Donegal