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Successfully Avoid Risks

Risks are part of business. So we need to know how to successfully avoid risks. That means that first of all we have to acknowledge the risks facing our projects and whole enterprises. ‘Positive Thinking’ doesn’t eliminate risks, it just naively ignores them. Looking for the risks isn’t ‘negative thinking’; it’s the opposite! It’s only […]

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Customers are ‘ploggers’

Customers are powerful. We can’t control customers and we can’t control what they say. All we can do is guide them to some extent. We can provide them with the stories they will tell. It’s interesting to look at the progress of this thing called ‘marketing’. Around 50 years ago, marketing communications was all about […]

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Creativity: there’s a-Creativity and i-Creativity

The article below is based on David’s keynote speech about “a-Creativity : i-Creativity” at TEDxNapoli. — Creativity loves a crisis. Especially at times of crisis we need creativity. Indeed some of the most creative solutions in human endeavour have come about because of a crisis. But what do we mean exactly, by ‘Creativity’? There is […]

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