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These creative business blog posts and articles are written to help creative entrepreneurs become even more successful by combining their creative talent with smart business thinking. They complement my books, guides, videos and a range of free resources for creative business development.

In addition to this list of recent blog posts, there is also a complete index of all blog posts in alphabetical order.

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A funny story about an advert

Filling the washing machine reminded me of a funny story. About an advertisement for washing powder. A big American corporation wanted to sell into a new market. So they hired a New York creative agency for an advertising campaign. This new market was in a developing country. International marketing is full of pitfalls. They decided ...
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Why I give my book away for FREE

I can see the puzzled look on their faces. The raised eyebrows. They’re thinking I must be stupid. There I am, speaking at an international conference about business. I'm talking about how creative entrepreneurs can make more money. Then I tell them that I decided to give away my book. FREE. The full version as ...
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Why my travel blogs are on my business website

I was camping on the slopes of Volcano Merapi in Sumatra. Explosions woke me in the middle of the night. But I survived to tell the tale. More about that later... I could also tell you about when I was kidnapped in Mexico. Or explain why I returned to the "murder capital of the world" ...
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Diversify or Focus?

Ever wonder the opinion potential clients have of you? Not the opinion you want them to have... but the one they actually have. So we need to look at ourselves as others see us… Do they see you as a specialist? Or a generalist? Offering only one service can be limiting. And it can be ...
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How I made money while I slept

What would you have done with this moral dilemma? It’s 6am one morning. While my first coffee is kicking in, I go online to read the news. This day, I also checked my bank balance. I found a deposit there that wasn't mine. What should I do? Call the bank and ask them to remove ...
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One of the most under-rated benefits of crowd-funding

Want to know one of the most under-rated benefits of crowd-funding? It's something I learnt from a world-class expert... Slava Rubin is the CEO of one of the leading crowd-funding platforms - Indiegogo. I met him in Chile when we were both speakers at a conference about creative business. The obvious benefit of crowd-funding is ...
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