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What people say about the book:

“This common sense, accessible book is a comprehensive guide to establishing, growing and leading a creative business. It hits all the right buttons in all the right ways.”
– Paul Smith. Arts & Business.

“T-Shirts and Suits demystifies the ins and outs of building a business in the creative industries by providing a practical guide for creative entrepreneurs that uses case studies to illustrate best practice.”
– Alexander Schischlik. UNESCO

“David’s book is great! It’s accessible and provides information that can be dipped into as and when it’s needed by nascent entrepreneurs.”
– Lorna Collins. National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship

“A very useful and stimulating book, and a much-needed companion for would-be entrepreneurs in the creative industries.”
– Dag Kjelsaas Hotvedt. Akerselva Innovasjon, Norway

“A useful and very practical guide that can be dipped into as and when needed to advise on specific issues that cause problems to small, creative, businesses. Owning this guide is equivalent to having a professional adviser on call.”
– Anne McInerney. UK Trade and Investment (UKTI)

“More than just a great read, T-shirts and Suits is a valuable tool for anyone embarking on, or surviving, business in the creative sector.”
– Diane Earles. Chartered Institute of Marketing.

“We both read this over the same weekend, which you can¹t say for many management books, and we found it both inspirational and practically useful ­ particularly essential when working in creativity when sometimes people think the inspiration on its own will be enough.”
– Ronnie Hughes and Sarah Horton. A Sense of Place

“This is a thoroughly enjoyable and essential book for any creative business. T-shirts and suits manages to combine ‘creativity’ and ‘business’ in a practical, easily digestible format. When I first read it, I couldn’t put it down (I read it from start to finish in about three days!) and now I use it for quick reference all the time.”
– Alison Coward

“I have found T-Shirts and Suits to be clear, comprehensive and very practical. It has been invaluable in helping me to evaluate my business, plan for new ventures and implement strategies to increase the profitability and success of current operations. T-Shirts and Suits is a must-have for all Creative Entrepreneurs.”
– Sam Gerrard

“T-Shirts and Suits gives a brilliant insight to the dynamics between ‘creatives’ and the more formal requirements of business. It then goes further than most books by showing how creative talent and commercial needs can combine to build successful business. Lots of real world practical examples make this a most interesting read and a must have book.”
– Adrian Maguire

“Clear and concise with a lovely clean design.T-Shirts and Suits is a great mixture of theory, practice and inspiration.”
– Fiona Shaw. Capsica Publishing

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The book has also been published in translations, in Belarus, Chile, China, Colombia, Lithuania, Moldova, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Ukraine.