People tell me I’m lucky. But I’m not.

People tell me I’m lucky. But I’m not. And I’ll explain why.

They say I’m lucky because I can choose the clients I work with. I’m lucky because I have the freedom to take time off work. I’m lucky because I’ve got a wonderful work/life balance.

But it wasn’t always that way. In my first creative business, it was impossible to make time for a proper holiday. I was often worried about cash flow. And I felt ‘trapped’ inside my own business.

In another creative enterprise, it seemed like I was spending all my time managing employees. It took a lot of emotional energy. And I didn’t have enough time to focus on growing the business.

In other businesses, I’ve been stressed. Sometimes from fellow directors. Especially when we haven’t had exactly the same vision about our goals.

Don’t get me wrong. My working life back then wasn’t a disaster. I was working in the creative sector. We did great things. I learnt a lot. I enjoyed its successes.

Why am I so lucky now?

Here’s the thing: I don’t put it down to luck at all.

I have created my own luck. By DESIGNING my business. Consciously. Skilfully. Creatively. I designed it to deliver the success and lifestyle that suits me perfectly.

Over the years I’ve come to understand what I really want. I know exactly what I mean by “success”. Now I do rewarding work that suits my values, goals and personal style.

How have I achieved this? By not following conventional business ‘routes to success’. Instead I’ve taken cool business strategies, then adapted them. I’ve been unconventional with business techniques. I’ve shaped them to suit my own purposes.

As a business owner, I’m sure you can relate to some of my earlier situations.

You love what you do as a creative. Your business is working. It’s growing. It’s successful…
and yet…

… you don’t feel it’s quite right somehow. Something needs to change. You’re not quite “living the dream”.

You know you need to do something. But what? Adjustments? A ‘reshaping’ of your business? Diversification? Focus? A different direction?

And you never seem to have the time to figure it out. In any case, who could help? Who can you talk with? Someone who understands creative businesses. But not someone too close, like employees or family.

You can work it out yourself, of course. I did. But it took a long time. Trial and error. Hesitations. False turnings. Snags.

Yes, I’m lucky. Lucky to have a business I’ve designed for the exact success I want.

But I do wonder if I could’ve got lucky sooner.

If only I’d found the right people to talk with and guide me.

Do you want to have a business that delivers success defined in your own terms?

Do you want to win by playing by the business game differently, and creatively?

Then let’s have a conversation, because that’s what my coaching is all about.