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“Buy me a coffee!” (your opportunity to say thanks for the free stuff and to encourage me to do even more)

“If you like my work or the free stuff on this website and want to say thanks, or encourage me to do more, you can buy me a coffee!
Contribute to my coffee fund with any amount you are comfortable to pay.
The coffee will give me the ‘kick’ to work even harder to empower creative entrepreneurs.
Thank you!”
– David



I empower creative entrepreneurs to be even more successful by combining their creative talents with smart business thinking.
This is my profession but it’s also my mission and my passion.
That’s why, for me, success is not just about making money.
That’s (partly) why I give away for free the eBook version of my first book ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’.
That’s why there is so much other free stuff on my website.

As well as my paid work as a business adviser and coach, conference speaker, and trainer, I also do some projects for free every year, to support particular initiatives in the creative, cultural and digital industries worldwide.
I always have done; that’s my style. I’m like that.
(I’m doing even more pro-bono work during the COVID-19 crisis.)

Sometimes, when somebody wants to have a conversation with me about their business, perhaps after a conference speech or workshop, I’m happy to do so. I don’t charge a professional fee but I often say, with a smile: “Sure – if you buy the coffee!” Sometimes I get cake as well, or lunch, or a gift. (Often I pay for our coffee myself.)

So if you want to encourage me to do even more, or say thanks for the information, guidance, inspiration, videos, stories, conversations, speeches, training workshops, webinars, online courses, books and blogs that are all part of my mission, buy me a coffee.

And you can always contact me directly – click any icon in the top bar of this page.

Thank you in advance!


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