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“COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation” – a video-based toolkit or course for change — (free or pay what you want)

A new online video toolkit designed for entrepreneurs to use creativity plus smart business techniques to adapt to the crisis, benefit from new opportunities, diversify into new markets or products, and potentially entirely transform their business model.

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COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation

This COVID-19 Business Strategies toolkit/course will empower you to generate new income in the short term, devise a new Business Formula, and potentially to transform your whole business model.

It has been designed for owners and senior managers of businesses who want to adopt new strategies to cope with the COVID-19 crisis and devise a better business model for the future. It is especially relevant to creative, digital and cultural enterprises.

The toolkit course has 20 sections including 14 videos, downloadable documents and additional information. The structure is carefully designed and you can follow it as a ‘course’ but equally, you can use it as a toolkit and access the videos, information and downloads at any time, in any order.

The sections include:
1.  How to use “i-Creativity” in the business office.
2. Three Techniques to generate new ideas.
3. The Feasibility Filter. A system to select the best opportunities
4. Ten different Diversification Strategies.
5. ‘Lean Diversification’ – the methods of innovating and launching new products and services.

To help you obtain maximum benefit from the toolkit, there are downloadable worksheets and articles, further information about the strategies and techniques, plus links to associated support materials.

Note: This online/toolkit or course includes access to live online group coaching events facilitated by David Parrish.

David’s mission, passion and profession is to empower creative entrepreneurs to become even more successful. He works internationally as a business adviser, trainer, speaker and author.

Free business development resources are available on his website, including a free eBook version of his book ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’.

As part of his ongoing support for the creative, digital and cultural industries internationally, David will provide access to this course at various reduced rates to a limited number of creative enterprises and organisations worldwide. Discounts can be arranged for creative industries support agencies, creative hubs and membership organisations who want to provide reduced rate access for their members. Affiliate marketing arrangements are also possible.

Contact David to apply for individual discounted access to this online course or to discuss access for your members.

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“I found the online toolkit «COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation» useful for everyone who wants to re-design the business and find new sources of inspiring ideas on how to not only survive in crises but take crises as a springboard for the further development. Each chapter of the course contains one important topic with tips from David and useful materials to download, that’s why it is easy to study, and you do not get bored being always curious to see what’s coming next. When I started the course I could not stop opening more chapters, one after another, because you just so inspired to see how this magic of success works, and David knows everything about it.  David always keeps your attention on his website, which is just an ocean of information and you can just surf and enjoy smart thoughts and tools for your business. David is really experienced expert, and what was important for me is that David has many relevant examples and cases so you can better understand and analyze your business problems. And to solve these problems David gives toolkits and manuals that can be downloaded and used in daily business process. “
– Olga Kizina. Expert of Creative Industries Agency (Moscow), Head of Creative Business Cup Russia