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Create Your Own Business Formula

Don’t write a business plan until you have read this article! The article in English is reproduced in full below. It can also be downloaded as a PDF document in English and ten other languages. Creativity and Business Some people regard creativity and business as being like oil and water – they just don’t mix. …

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Be your own kind of entrepreneur!

Business doesn’t have to be about being the biggest, fastest or strongest. Entrepreneurs don’t have to be short-sighted, aggressive and unfair. “Entrepreneurialism has nothing to do with hardwired personality traits.” This is what Robert Kelsey says in this article in the journal of the Royal Society of Arts. I agree totally. Unfortunately, the popular image …

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Freedom, Money, Time

‘Freedom, Money, Time – and the Key to Creative Success’ is the title of an excellent new free eBook from Mark McGuinness. Download this free ebook here. You can also distribute it to friends, colleagues and contacts. Mark reckons that creative people need three things to be happy: Freedom – to do what you want, …

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