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Your creativity – hobby, job or business?

Creative Times. October 2006 It’s natural for creative people to want to make a career out of their creativity. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that creativity automatically qualifies a person for a job – or guarantees they can build a successful business from their creativity. Read more

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Why you should help your competitors…

Creative Times. October 2005 Sometimes your creative competitors can be ideal collaborators. By imaginatively combining co-operation and competition we can create ‘Co-opetition’. More about Co-opetition

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T-Shirts and Suits. The Book

by David Parrish First published November 2005 by Merseyside ACMEReprinted November 2006 with new foreword by Shaun Woodward MP, Minister for Creative Industries.ISBN 9780953825448. Paperback £15.00 (UK) The book provides both inspiration and practical advice for all those involved in running or setting up a creative business. David Parrish draws on his own experience of …

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