Indonesian translation of creative business article

The creative business article ‘Create Your Own Business Formula’ has been translated into Indonesian by Jodie J Lumanauw.

It is online here and can be downloaded, copied, printed and redistributed provided it is not changed or sold.

This article is published in English, Spanish, Romanian, German, Portuguese, French, Ukrainian and Indonesian (so far!).

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Don’t write a business plan until you have read this article!

There’s a big difference between planning for a successful creative business and ‘writing a business plan’. The two are not necessarily the same.

A ‘business plan’ does not automatically guarantee business success. Many business plans present the details but fail to address the fundamentals.

Any plan for a creative or digital business must be based on the values and objectives of the entrepreneurs concerned and at its heart must be a realistic ‘business formula’.

This article shows you how to combine your own unique values and objectives to create a business formula that works.

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