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These creative business blog posts and articles are written to help creative entrepreneurs become even more successful by combining their creative talent with smart business thinking. They complement my books, guides, videos and a range of free resources for creative business development.

In addition to this list of recent blog posts, there is also a complete index of all blog posts in alphabetical order.

A selection of the most popular marketing blogs for creative, digital and cultural enterprises.

And here is a list of travel blogs.

Globalization in the creative and digital industries

Globalization in the creative and digital industries has had a significant impact on the way in which these sectors operate. With the advent of the internet and advances in communication technologies, it has become easier for creative professionals and digital workers to collaborate and share ideas across borders. One of the key benefits of globalization ...
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Freemium Business Model in the Creative Industries

The Freemium business model has become increasingly popular in the creative industries, and for good reason. In a freemium model, a company offers a product or service for free, but also provides premium features or content that can be accessed for a fee. One of the main benefits of the freemium model is that it ...
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Cultural Industry Expert Interview

This Cultural Industry Expert Interview with David Parrish was conducted by Trenčín 2026 in Slovakia, when David was in Trenčín to deliver a creative business training workshop for cultural managers. The cultural industry expert interview was first published online by Trenčín 2026 with the title "David Parrish: Strategic business thinking involves deciding what NOT to ...
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The Long and Winding Road to Success

This article about my quirky 'career' was first published by Upstairs with the title 'The pieces will fall into place in the end'. “This illustration is a gift from the Upstairs Community by Pixelgrade, a growing place for creative professionals. Find me in their Hall of Fame and join our community!” An astronaut; a firefighter; ...
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The word ‘creativity’ is a problem because it means different things

The word 'creativity' is a problem. Because people use it to mean only 'artistic' creativity. It's as if the artists have hijacked the word for themselves. So many people say "I'm not creative". Meaning they aren't good at painting, crafts or music. There are two kinds of Creativity. As a creative business owner, you can ...
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Lifestyle Businesses

Is it an insult or a compliment? In the world of venture capital it's a derogatory term. Equity investors looking for a lucrative 'exit' look down their noses at them. I'm talking about "lifestyle businesses". It's a name used for enterprises that aren't attractive to investors seeking super-profits. It's a term used insultingly by venture ...
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