Online Toolkits and Courses

Online toolkits and courses for creative entrepreneurs who want to combine their creative talents with smart business techniques to achieve even greater success.

Toolkits and courses are highly relevant to navigating your business in turbulent times and adjusting or transforming your business model to make the most of new opportunities and achieve even greater success.

These online toolkits and courses include video presentations, worksheets, articles, downloads plus further information and bonus content.

Online toolkits and courses published to date are as follows (more to come soon!)

 – COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformationonline now

 – RE-Design Your Creative Business for COVID-19 and beyond online now

 – Smart Marketing – online toolkitonline now

 – How to Increase Prices – online toolkitonline now

 – Cash Flow Planning spreadsheet – online toolkit – online now  

 – Strategic Planning course – free (link)

 – Marketing course – free (link)

COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation

Access online course now.

A new online video toolkit course specifically designed for businesses to use both creativity and smart business techniques to navigate the crisis, benefit from new opportunities and transform their enterprises to emerge even stronger.

This toolkit course will empower you to generate new income in the short term, devise a new Business Formula, and potentially to transform your whole business model.

It has been designed for owners and senior managers of businesses who want to adopt new strategies to cope with the COVID-19 crisis and devise a better business model for the future. It is especially relevant to creative, digital and cultural enterprises.

The toolkit course has 20 sections including 14 videos, downloadable documents and additional information. It is designed so that you can access any section at any time, using it as a ‘toolkit’, or follow the sections in sequence as a ‘course’ . You can access the videos, information and downloads at any time, in any order.

The course content includes:
1.  How to use “i-Creativity” in the business office.
2. Three Techniques to generate new ideas.
3. The Feasibility Filter. A system to select the best opportunities
4. Ten different Diversification Strategies.
5. ‘Lean Diversification’ – the methods of innovating and launching new products and services.

To help you obtain maximum benefit from this toolkit course, there are downloadable worksheets and articles, further information about the strategies and techniques, plus links to associated support materials.

COVID-19 Business Strategies online course

Coming soon  …

RE-Design Your Creative Business for COVID-19 and beyond.

Highly relevant during the COVID-19 crisis!
This online toolkit is based on the Designing Your Creative Business™ model.
Who is it for?
This toolkit course is for business owners who want to adopt new strategies to cope with the COVID-19 crisis and devise a better business model for the future. It provides a structured and logical framework for achieving the success you want, by combining your creative talents with smart business thinking to devise a winning business strategy. It can also be used for startups and new ventures from established enterprises.
How do I benefit?
It is set out so that you are taken through a process of creatively redesigning their business model to achieve the success they really want, based the realities of a changing world, yet underpinned by their own creative passion and talents. Crucially, the process also involves identifying and deploying your competitive advantage and then selecting the most profitable customers.
Course content
The sections cover four key steps which lead to a feasible and profitable Business Formula.
At each step of the process there is a video presentation from David, plus toolkit ‘worksheets’ to clarify your objectives, analyse your business, identify opportunities for development, and then select those options that fit together into a unique formula for business success.
Additional learning materials are provided to encourage further strategic thinking, plus practical techniques to generate ideas and evaluate options.
Links to further reading and learning materials are also provided to provide additional support to this process of RE-Designing Your Creative Business.
What do you get?
– Video presentations from David on each of the four key elements of the DYCB™ process.
– A downloadable DYCB Toolkit publication to use as a ‘workbook’ to devise your new business formula and strategy for success.
– The ‘COVID-19 Diversification Matrix’, plus notes on how to use it to map out options for new products/services and selling to current and new customers.
– The ‘Feasibilty Filter’. A technique to evaluate options for business development and select the best ones to pursue.
– Article: ‘Create Your Own Business Formula’.
– Links to additional relevant online information, resources and inspiration.