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Online toolkits and courses for creative entrepreneurs who want to combine their creative talents with smart business techniques to achieve even greater success.

Toolkits and courses are highly relevant to navigating your business in turbulent times and adjusting or transforming your business model to make the most of new opportunities and achieve even greater success. These online toolkits and courses include video presentations, worksheets, articles, downloads plus further information and bonus content. All online toolkits and courses include access to live online business advice sessions with David.

Online toolkits and courses published to date are as follows (more to come soon!)

 – COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation – online toolkit/course– online now

 – RE-Design Your Creative Business for COVID-19 and beyond – online toolkit/course – online now

 – Business Diversification Essentials – an online toolkit of Key Strategies and Techniques for rapid and successful business diversification – online now 

 – Smart Marketing – online toolkitonline now

 – How to Increase Prices – online toolkitonline now

 – Cash Flow Planning spreadsheet – online toolkit – online now  

 – Strategic Planning course – free – online now

 – Marketing course – free – online now

Some discounts and free access to online toolkits for creative businesses, plus other special offers will be announced from time to time.

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COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation

Discounts and Free Access to Online Toolkits for Creative Businesses

membership access to online toolkits

Discounts and Free Access to Online Toolkits for Creative Businesses

Precision Marketing online toolkit

How to Increase Prices


Discounts and Free Access to Online Toolkits for Creative BusinessesDiscounts and Free Access to Online Toolkits for Creative Businesses







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COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation

Access online toolkit now.

A new online video toolkit course specifically designed for businesses to use both creativity and smart business techniques to navigate the crisis, benefit from new opportunities and transform their enterprises to emerge even stronger.

This toolkit course will empower you to generate new income in the short term, devise a new Business Formula, and potentially to transform your whole business model.

It has been designed for owners and senior managers of businesses who want to adopt new strategies to cope with the COVID-19 crisis and devise a better business model for the future. It is especially relevant to creative, digital and cultural enterprises.

The toolkit course has 20 sections including 14 videos, downloadable documents and additional information. It is designed so that you can access any section at any time, using it as a ‘toolkit’, or follow the sections in sequence as a ‘course’ . You can access the videos, information and downloads at any time, in any order.

The course content includes:
1.  How to use “i-Creativity” in the business office.
2. Three Techniques to generate new ideas.
3. The Feasibility Filter. A system to select the best opportunities
4. Ten different Diversification Strategies.
5. ‘Lean Diversification’ – the methods of innovating and launching new products and services.

To help you obtain maximum benefit from this toolkit course, there are downloadable worksheets and articles, further information about the strategies and techniques, plus links to associated support materials.

COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation

RE-Design Your Creative Business

Access this online toolkit now 

Highly relevant during the COVID-19 crisis – and beyond!

This online toolkit is for business owners who want to adopt new strategies to cope with the COVID-19 crisis and devise a better business model for the future. It provides a structured and logical framework for achieving the success you want, by combining your creative talents with smart business thinking to devise a winning business strategy. It can also be used for startups and new ventures from established enterprises.

It is based on the well-established Designing Your Creative Business™ model, and can be followed step by step as a course. Alternatively it can be used as a ‘toolkit’ by focusing on sections that are most relevant to you at any time. And of course you can log in to the toolkit at any time, to review sections, download materials, follow links etc.

17 sections, 15 videos, downloadable toolkit publication, plus additional information and bonus content

There are 17 sections which include 15 videos, plus additional sections with further information and links. Downloads include the Designing Your Creative Business™ toolkit publication in PDF format.

The toolkit is set out so that you are taken through a process of creatively redesigning their business model to achieve the success they really want, based the realities of a changing world, yet underpinned by their own creative passion and talents. Crucially, the process also involves identifying and deploying your competitive advantage and then selecting the most profitable customers.

Additional learning materials are provided to encourage further strategic thinking, plus practical techniques to generate ideas and evaluate options.
Links to further reading, references and learning materials are also provided to provide additional support to this process of RE-Designing Your Creative Business.

Four key steps to creating your own winning Business Formula

The sections cover four key steps which lead to a feasible and profitable Business Formula.
At each step of the process there is a video presentation from David, plus toolkit ‘worksheets’ to clarify your objectives, analyse your business, identify opportunities for development, and then select those options that fit together into a unique formula for business success.

A message from David Parrish:

“I have designed this toolkit/course for creative entrepreneurs, based on my own direct experience of business. I’ve started and grown several businesses over a period of more than 30 years. I’ve learnt from my mistakes and my successes in business. And I continue to learn by being closely associated with businesses around the world in my work as a business adviser, trainer, conference speaker and writer. Check out my story if you wish.

“Most of my learning is from practical experience but I also have academic and professional qualifications, including an MBA with distinction, and fellowships or memberships of several professional institutions including the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Institute of Consulting and the Institute of Leadership and Management. I am also a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. More details about my credentials and qualifications are online here.

“It is an honour to be able to share with you my approaches to business development, effective business development techniques and a range of strategies from which you can choose the most appropriate for your own business. And of course you can adapt these tools for your own particular circumstances.”

“I found the online toolkit «COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation» useful for everyone who wants to re-design the business and find new sources of inspiring ideas on how to not only survive in crises but take crises as a springboard for the further development. Each chapter of the course contains one important topic with tips from David and useful materials to download, that’s why it is easy to study, and you do not get bored being always curious to see what’s coming next. When I started the course I could not stop opening more chapters, one after another, because you just so inspired to see how this magic of success works, and David knows everything about it.  David always keeps your attention on his website, which is just an ocean of information and you can just surf and enjoy smart thoughts and tools for your business. David is really experienced expert, and what was important for me is that David has many relevant examples and cases so you can better understand and analyze your business problems. And to solve these problems David gives toolkits and manuals that can be downloaded and used in daily business process. “
– Olga Kizina. Expert of Creative Industries Agency (Moscow), Head of Creative Business Cup Russia