Translations of Creative Industries Publications

David’s books and other publications have been published in translations world-wide. Further translations are planned. David would like to work in partnership with other publishers and translators to make his books, articles and other publications accessible to creative entrepreneurs internationally.

Photo of David with publisher of Chinese translation of 'T-Shirts and Suits', Aven Kuei in Taiwan
David with publisher of Chinese translation of ‘T-Shirts and Suits’, Aven Kuei in Taiwan


The book ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ has been published in 14 countries so far, either in paperback or eBook formats. See details of all translations here. This creative business guide is available for translation and publication in other languages.

David’s marketing book ‘Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success. 63 Tips, Techniques and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs’ has been published in Spanish and French. Further translations are welcome.

The article ‘Create Your Own Business Formula’ has been translated and published in English, Spanish, Romanian, German, Portuguese, French, Ukrainian, Indonesian, Azerbaijani, Thai, Belarusian and Italian (so far!).

His toolkit publication ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ has been translated for use in training workshops internationally.

Please contact David  if you would like to translate and publish any of his creative business publications in other languages.
Books can be published as a paperback or eBook, either for commercial sale or for free distribution supported by sponsorship.
The eBook version can be released for distribution free of charge, sponsored by a commercial business, government department or creative industries support agency. This format enables digital distribution to a large number of creative entrepreneurs, helping them to become even more successful. Furthermore, production costs for the eBook are relatively low since no printing or physical distribution is involved. The costs are limited to translation, graphic design and licensing fees. (For example, a free eBook in traditional (complex) Chinese was published in Taiwan by Five Senses Arts Management Inc., with the support of the British Council.) There are a range of publishing agreements available, depending on format, country, licensing arrangements and circumstances.His books and other publications provide an opportunity promote a brand, organisation or agency and support creative enterprises in new markets internationally.
David would especially like to publish his books in translations in Argentina, Azerbaijan, Brazil, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico and Vietnam.
Please contact David Parrish to discuss a range of options for publishing translations of his books and other publications in a variety of formats.

David Parrish speaking in Kiev about the Ukrainian translation of the book in September 2015.


Translations of creative business books
Translations of creative business books
article 'Create Your Own Business Formula'
Belarus translation of T-Shirts and Suits
Lithuanian Creative Industries Book
T-Shirts and Suits Ukrainian book cover