Professional Qualifications

David Parrish MBA, FCMI, MIC, FCIM, FInstLM, FRSA

David is honoured to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

As well as having direct experience in the creative industries as a manager, director and entrepreneur, David is a business adviser with professional qualifications, academic credentials and client references.

For a full list David’s professional credentials and publications, download the ‘Qualifications and Credentials’ PDF on the Information page.
Some of these are listed below:

MBA. Masters Degree in Business Administration (with distinction) from Bradford University School of Management, one of Europe’s top business schools.

FCMI. Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

MIC. Member of the Institute of Consulting.

FCIM. Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Chartered Marketer status, awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

FInstLM. Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

FRSA. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. (Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce)

Member of the Cultural Policy Designers Network, which brings together independent European cultural policy experts.

David has adopted the Professional Conduct and Practice of the Institute of Consulting and adheres to the ethical and professional codes of conduct of other professional institutes.

Confidentiality is crucial in relationship with clients and so David keeps the details of clients’ businesses confidential in his capacity as a creative industries business advisor.

As a professional management consultant, creative industries trainer, registered business adviser and workshop facilitator, his international work is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

An expert in creative industries consulting, David has advised hundreds of creative enterprises about business development, marketing, business strategy, pricing, intellectual property, leadership and financial management in a number of countries around the world.

Believing in lifelong learning, David is committed to a programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure that his knowledge, skills and qualifications are kept up to date. This involves attending training courses and seminars, reading, teaching, lecturing and writing on management subjects.


T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity
Paperback book, Audiobook, free PDF document and free text-only eBook
[free eBook PDF / eBook (text only) / paperback / audiobook / signed copy]
Also published in translations in fourteen countries: Belarus, Chile, China, Colombia, Lithuania, Moldova, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success. 63 Techniques, Tips and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs’ [eBook / paperback / audiobook / signed copy / info, extracts, reviews]
Designed as an eBook for phones, tablets, and laptops. Also available in paperback and Audiobook formats.
Published in English in the UK. Published also in Spanish and French.

‘Making a Business Plan’. Chapter in ‘Read this First: Growth and Development of Creative SMEs’.
Published 2007. ISBN/EAN 978-90-810079-2-4
Republished as “Create Your Own Business Formula” and translated into several languages (more…)

‘Designing Your Creative Business: A Toolkit for 
 Creative Entrepreneurs’
Published 2008. ISBN 978-0-9560744-0-9
Available in paperback and PDF download (more…)

‘Creative, Cultural and Digital Industries Guide’
Business Link West Midlands, England, UK.
Published in paperback. Also available as a PDF download (link)