Creative Business Training Workshops

Creative businesses worldwide have achieved greater success by attending David’s creative business training workshops for entrepreneurs in the creative, cultural and digital industries.

His creative business management workshops and masterclasses include marketing, business strategy, financial management, leadership, pricing, commercialising intellectual property, business growth strategies, exporting and international business.

Here are just a few examples of workshops that David has designed and delivered around the world, from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe:

“Designing Your Creative Business” [Impact Hub Almaty, Kazakhstan]
“How to make a Profit” [Generate Programme, Ireland]
“Doing Business in the Creative Industries”
[PODIM, Slovenia]
“Marketing – from Strategy to the Sale (without selling out)” [Big Idea, New Zealand]
“Creative Pricing” [Networks, Bosnia and Herzegovina]
“Creative Advantage: How to Succeed in Creative Business” [British Council, Harare, Zimbabwe]
“Designing Your Creative Business” [HUBBA, Thailand]
“How to Make Money while you Sleep: The Art of Generating Cash from Creativity” [Chamber of Commerce, Curaçao]
“Business Growth Strategies for Creative and Digital Businesses” [Donegal LEO, Ireland]
“The Numbers: Making it all add up, financial planning for creatives” [The Academy, UK]
“Combining Business and Creativity” [Biz Labs, Plovdiv, Bulgaria]
“Creativity and Business: How to Succeed as a Creative Entrepreneur” [BCCF, Bandung, Indonesia]
“Designing Your Creative Business” [Novi Sad, Serbia]
“Creative Business Marketing” [Creative Lancashire, UK]
“Creativity and Business: New Opportunities for Theatre” [British Council, Baku, Azerbaijan]
“Leading Creative Cultures” [MILE, Saudi Arabia]
“Business Growth in the Creative and Digital Industries” [Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK), Kosovo]
(More examples and details below.)

Contact David about designing and delivering a workshop for your precise needs.

“People in Saudi were hungry for the workshop given by David Parrish in The 2016 Ejadah Confex. Seats in the “Business Growth Strategies and Marketing” workshop were quickly sold out. Everyone who attended left equipped with creative strategies to implement in their businesses and approaches to a more successful career. The feedback was all pleasant and everyone is looking forward to more of what David has to offer in future events.”
Lobna Hamada. Ejadah Confex. Saudi Arabia.

(Read other comments below from training clients and workshop participants in Spain, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, Taiwan, Norway, New Zealand, Curaçao, Kazakhstan, Ireland and the UK – see below.)

Creative business training workshops with David Parrish

David has delivered his ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ workshop internationally using his DYCB Toolkit publication.

Creative business training workshops also draw on material in David’s books. Signed paperback copies of his books are sometimes included with the training workshop materials that participants take away to use in their creative businesses and cultural enterprises. Copies of books can be supplied for creative industries training workshops by arrangement.

“The workshop was inspiring and practical. David was very precise, insightful, resourceful and professional. Thank you for your time, insights and genuine interest in inspiring and empowering creative entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan.”
Indira Shah. Co-Founder, Impact Hub Almaty. Kazakhstan.

“Creative businesses and digital startups found David’s interactive workshop to be interesting, entertaining and inspiring. From my experience as a startup founder I think his knowledge and experience will help the businesses at Biz Labs achieve both creative and commercial success.”
Ivan Dzheferov. Co-Founder at Biz Labs. Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

David designs and delivers creative business management workshops to suit the precise needs of the workshop participants. He has a long experience of designing and delivering creative business training workshops, courses, masterclasses and in-house training courses on a range of management themes. Participants include design, media and technology businesses in the creative, cultural and digital industries, ranging from startups to high growth businesses.

“You know the workshop was great when you have to kindly ask people to leave the premises because the building is closing soon. David is the only speaker who managed to evoke such interest in young entrepreneurs, and we had a wide range of international speakers and businessmen visit us. Combination of expert knowledge, enormous experience, and unique eloquence are what make David ‘a must-have’ in every accelerator/organization/event/conference.”
Ajla Fijuljanin. Foundation Networks. Bosnia-Herzegovina.

David Parrish delivering a creative business training workshop for creative industries entrepreneurs in Ukraine

David delivering a training workshop for creative entrepreneurs in Ukraine


David has delivered workshops and presentations for the British Council Creative Economy Unit and the British Council internationally in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, China, Georgia, Lithuania, the Philippines, Taiwan, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

“The ‘Creative Talk’ interactive workshop on ‘How to Succeed as a Creative Entrepreneur’ in Bandung was a great success. David shared his international experience of business in the creative industries, and participants engaged with the event, giving us a new energy in the creative industries in Bandung.”
Febby Arhemsyah M.
Creative Entrepreneur Network / Bandung Creative City Forum. Indonesia

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David Parrish, creative industries expert, with creative economy workshop participants in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Creative business training workshop participants in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


“Inspirational!”, “Energy!”, “Motivation!”, “Experience!”, “Challenges!”, “Ideas!”, “Design!”, “Collaboration!”, “Change!”, “Reflections!”, “Thinking…”
– ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ workshop participants in video in Bilbao, Spain.

As a specialist trainer for the creative industries, David believes strongly in fully engaging participants in training workshops, using practical examples, case studies, groupwork and discussions. In this way, participants’ own experience is involved in the learning process, leading to practical action plans, not just academic learning.

Strategic Planning workshop participants with David's book

Strategic Planning training workshop participants in Tbilisi, Georgia


“The workshop was just perfect. I obtained techniques on strategic thinking that will help me to develop an effective strategic plan and to be more target-oriented. David Parrish was a very interesting speaker, ready to answer all our questions.”
– Leyli Salayeva /contemporary writer. Cultural and Creative Leaders. Azerbaijan

Training workshop participants benefit from his international consultancy expertise and his own direct business experience informs his training work, so he is able to draw on examples and case studies from clients world-wide for the benefit of training course participants.

“The workshop was really helpful and relevant to my business. Could have done a whole day! David was engaging and very knowledgeable. The examples used were easy to understand and the interaction was great. Excellent.”
– Lisa Gildea. Designer. UK / Ireland.

David’s in house training courses, management workshops, courses, master classes, seminars, lectures, talks and presentations have helped hundreds of businesses and organisations over more than ten years.

“The workshop was useful and beneficial to me. I learned more about strategic planning. David was an asset to this program and an inspiration! I liked the seminar and how he presented the information. It was accessible and exciting. I loved it and enjoyed the seminar a lot.”
– Olga Rudak. Cultural and Creative Leaders, Minsk, Belarus

He has delivered creative business training workshops in the UK and many countries world-wide.

David leading a business training workshop with creative entrepreneurs

David leading a business training workshop with creative entrepreneurs


“More does not mean better! The rhythm of the Workshop titled “Strategic Marketing” given by David Parrish in Bilbao Ekintza, in which 15 new entrepreneurs attended, has allow them to analyze, understand and use the insights of strategic marketing thanks to examples in a pleasant and illustrative way. Through this workshop we have understand the importance of Strategic Marketing, of listening to the customers and of using of the right message and media for each target of customers. Besides, each participant has been able to establish an action plan to invest in an efficient way the resources.
Thanks David.”
Susana Bilbao. Bilbao Ekintza. Bilbao. Spain

“David’s workshop on “How to Make Money While You Sleep” gave a lot of participants inspiration and new ideas they can implement in their creative businesses.”
Arnelys Martus. Curaçao Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“The workshop was informative and inspirational. David was excellent. Very clear with his ideas and very easy to understand.”– Laura Buchanan. Print Designer. Ireland.

All David’s training workshops are designed specifically for businesses in the creative, cultural and digital industries, with case studies and examples relevant to these sectors. David draws on his own experience of business, his research and business school training, and the experience of his consultancy clients in the creative industries around the world.

Some highly-acclaimed training projects he has designed and delivered are:

  • ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ workshops, delivered in the UK, Taiwan, Brazil, Vietnam, Ireland, Indonesia, Thailand, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Spain, using the ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ toolkit publication. This workshop is suitable for both startups and growing businesses. See DYCB workshops.
  • ‘Smart Marketing’ – a powerful and practical workshop on strategic marketing for businesses at all stages of growth. The explores in depth some of the most powerful marketing techniques from David’s strategic marketing book. The workshop is designed for the needs of creative businesses in a range of creative industries subsectors.
  • ‘Creative Finance’ – financial management for creative enterprises, including project costings, profitability, cash flow forecasting and financial planning.
  • ‘Business Growth and Marketing’ – a workshop designed and delivered for creative entrepreneurs at the Saudi Arabia Ejadah Confex. Business models for growth associated with strategic marketing.
  • ‘How to Make Money While You Sleep’ – business strategies for creative enterprises based on the creation, protection and commercialisation of intellectual property rights including licensing.
  • ‘Leading and Managing Creative Businesses’ – practical techniques for creative entrepreneurs who find themselves leading and managing people in their growing businesses. The workshop draws on the best research on leadership and applies the most effective principles of leadership to the creative industries context. Ideal for owners of growing creative and digital businesses.
  • ‘Creative Pricing’ – how to set the right price points for creative, cultural and digital products and services. How to calculate the optimum prices, taking into account financial matters, market positioning strategy and sale (or not) of intellectual property rights. Also takes into account market positioning, customers’ perceptions and the sale or licensing of intellectual property.
  • ‘International Business’ – how to grow your business internationally and increase exports. Includes aspects of business etiquette and cultural considerations when doing business in other countries and cultures. Includes entertaining and enlightening examples and case studies from businesses around the world.
  • ‘Creative Marketing’ – an overview of marketing for creative and digital entrepreneurs in the design, media and technology industries. Various techniques, case studies and group exercises provide a comprehensive grounding in marketing.
  • ‘Leading Creative Cultures’ – how leaders can foster a culture of creativity and innovation using appropriate leadership styles and techniques to generate new ideas in the workplace.
  • Bespoke workshops tailored to clients’ needs – Special workshops and seminars designed around the requirements of clients, from startups to high growth businesses, on subjects including Business Development and Growth, Strategic Marketing, Pricing, Business Planning, Commercialising Intellectual Property, Creativity and Innovation, Change Management, Pricing, Leadership and Management, Investment Readiness, and Finance.

“David’s workshop in Valdivia really helped creative businesses in the region to focus on their strengths and develop their enterprises with even greater success. It’s a great experience to listen to David and to see how inspiring he is for local entrepreneurs. His book is an essential tool for creative people engaged in doing businesses based on creativity and talent. David’s ideas have been supportive of our work in creative industries in this small, but promising region”
Guillermo Olivares. Lateralis. Chile

“Workshop participants were very impressed and inspired by David’s speech and book because he avoided using jargon, gave clear illustrations to describe what creative business is about and explained the general principles of running a creative business. He talked about some important issues, such as intellectual property, business formulas, knowing your competitors, knowing your market, and being prepared to say No.”
HsinYi Ku. British Council, Taiwan

“David was calmly considered, thoughtful, inspiring, realistic, approachable. As a result of the workshop I feel inspired, clearer about our business, our vision.”
Sasha McLaren Woodcock. Co-Director. Nimbus Media Ltd, New Zealand.

“After attending David’s workshop, the creative businesses at Fabrikken are prepared to be more focused, their prices are rising and they are more selective about what kind of customers they want.”
Henning Holmbakken. Fabrikken Manager. Lillehammer. Norway

As well as designing and delivering training workshops for entrepreneurs in the creative, cultural and digital sectors of the creative economy, David gives speeches, seminars, lectures and presentations on a range of business development topics. See Speaking page.

David Parrish in Brazil with creative industries entrepreneurs after delivering a creative business training workshop

Creative training workshop participants in Brazil


David Parrish, international creative industries expert, with creative business training workshop participants in Spain

David with creative business training workshop participants in Spain


David with creative business training workshop participants

David with creative business training workshop participants in Slovenia


What clients say about David’s creative business training workshops:

“The ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ workshop was very good, with lots of important information and new perspectives. David Parrish was great, with a particular sense of humour, and was very good at motivating us.”
– Mario Azen. Emporio de Cultura. Brazil.

“AMAZING! The workshop has changed the way I think about marketing, and I have lots of new ideas. Dave Parrish was brilliant.”
– Christopher Moss. Gecko Design Ltd.

“Very interesting and inspiring, and at the same time practical. Many times, when you are an entrepreneur, you don’t stop to think about the issues mentioned in the workshop. When you listen to David these reflection points seem obvious, but in fact, we overlook them… No doubt, fundamental points to develop our business in a successful way.”
– Nora de Busturia. Director. Peopleing Estudio Bilbao SLL

“David’s ‘Creative Finance’ workshop was very informative, refreshing and informal in its style. David was very knowledgeable and approachable.”
– Hannah Quinn. Director. Gosh Productions Ltd.

“David Parrish has been a great help. He is a good communicator, very empathic, and he perfectly knows and understands this topic and the problematic we entrepreneurs face. As a result, I bring the personal reflection process I needed. I knew I had to do it, and I had a slight idea about how to do it, but know I feel really motivated and I have the adequate tools to accomplish it quick and effectively.”
– David Yugueros

“An excellent, informative and enlightening day. The workshop was interesting, thought provoking and stimulating; it gave a lot of food for thought. David was succinct, honest, knowledgeable and entertaining.”
– Illy. Director. Copperwood Media CIC

“Innovative and creative training, carried out with charm and intelligence.”
– Liz Lacey. Director. Liverpool Centre for Arts Development.

“Great analogies. Dave Parrish has a real knack for making complicated marketing strategy very easy to grasp and remember.”
– Louise Hunt. Desirable Fish Marketing.

“Great workshop! Very creative brain. Friendly!”
– Rob Brady. Robert Brady Photography.

“The ‘Creative Finance’ workshop was very informative and exactly what I needed for my growing business. David presented financial concepts in a clear manner and considered everyone’s opinions in the group discussions.”
– Dave Burrows. Director. Damibu Ltd

“David Parrish has been impressive. I had seen videos and read about him, but he managed to make an impact on me. All the matters he has mentioned have been tremendously inspiring.”
– Patricia Gomez

“I found the course to be excellent in its clarity, structure and help in making me realise the challenges and opportunities facing my business, and how they could be addressed.”
– Robin Brown. Black & White Magazine.

“David created a great atmosphere. Despite being on a competition everyone was feeling very confident and they were all sharing ideas about the different projects. At the end of the two intensive days everyone thought it was a very useful and helpful workshop.”
– Elena Ruiz. Creativity Zentrum, Bilbao, Spain.

“A very knowledgeable, professional and compassionate person who makes you feel at ease and seems to understand your business needs. I would personally recommend David anytime.”
– Peter Burke. Grass Root Network.

“Inspirational!”, “Energy!”, “Motivation!”, “Experience!”, “Challenges!”, “Ideas!”, “Design!”, “Collaboration!”, “Change!”, “Reflections!”, “Thinking…”
– ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ workshop participants in video in Bilbao, Spain.

More client recommendations about David’s creative business training workshops are available on request.

Creative Business Training in Kazakhstan
Creative business training with Art2B entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan.

David with creative business workshop participants at interactive training workshop for the creative industries in Bilbao, Spain

Creative training workshop participants in Bilbao, Spain

David Parrish with creative industry workshop participants at interactive training workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam

David Parrish with workshop participants in Hanoi, Vietnam

British Council creative entrepreneurs in Lithuania with David at his creative industries training workshop

British Council creative entrepreneurs in Lithuania with David

David delivered this creative business training workshop in Lithuania for the British Council during a visit to the country to launch the Lithuanian translation of his book ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’. The book was published as a free eBook in Lithuania.

David's British Council Creative Economy unit workshop for creative industries entrepreneurs in Harare, Zimbabwe

David’s British Council Creative Economy unit workshop for creative entrepreneurs in Harare, Zimbabwe

This creative business training workshop in Zimbabwe was designed and delivered by David for the British Council Creative Economy Unit.

Training workshop participants in Singapore with David at his interactive workshop on business development

Workshop participants in Singapore with David

David Parrish with creative industries startup workshop participants at his interactive training workshop in Bilbao, Spain

David Parrish with startup workshop participants in Bilbao, Spain

David's business development workshop with business management delegates in Egypt

David’s workshop in Egypt

David Parrish leading a creative business training workshop in Saudi Arabia

David Parrish leading a creative business training workshop in Saudi Arabia

One of David's creative business training workshop in Liverpool, UK for creative industries entrepreneurs including startups and digital businesses

One of David’s creative business training workshop in Liverpool, UK

creative business development workshop with David Parrish in Kazakhstan

Creative business training with entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan


More photos of David’s creative business training workshops are available on request. His trainings are popular world-wide.

Contact David’s offices in London, Manchester or Liverpool to learn more about his creative business training workshops.