Business Diversification Essentials – a Toolkit of Key Strategies and Techniques

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Business Diversification Essentials is an online video-based toolkit of the key strategies and techniques to use to achieve rapid and successful business diversification.

The parts of this toolkit comprise video-based sections plus sections which have downloadable documents to read or to use as worksheets.

Each section has additional information and suggested practical action points.

The sections are structured in a logical way so that you can use them in sequence or you can select sections as you need them.

You can return to any of them at any time by logging in to review videos, information and download materials again.

The introduction says more about how to get the most from this toolkits so that you can use your own experience and creativity combined with these strategies and techniques to maximum effect in your business.




An overview of the smart business strategies and techniques in this course that you can use to achieve fast and effective diversification.

How to Generate New Ideas

In this video David explains two modes of thinking plus and how we can use techniques to actively generate new ideas.

The Feasibility Filter

In this video, David explains a powerful method for evaluating business ideas in order to select the best ones to implement.

The COVID-19 Diversification Matrix

Downloadable copies of the matrix featuring in the video. Download the colour diagram for reference, plus the black and white version to print and use as worksheets to map out your own diversification strategies.

Ten Diversification Strategies

A video presentation in which David offers a new model to create and map out diversification options: The COVID-19 Diversification Matrix.

Lean Diversification

A presentation about how the key ideas of the Lean Startup movement can be applied to launch product and service innovations in any industry.

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

At the heart of the methodology of Lean Diversification is the Minimum Viable Product, a cheap and fast method to test markets, learn and adapt.

How to get more from David…

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