Does Size Matter?

Does size matter? Is bigger better? Is small bad?

Of course I’m talking about the size of your creative business.
(What did you think I meant?)

You can look at size in different ways.

The size of WHAT exactly?

The number of employees? Clients? Offices? Awards?

Do you focus on the size of your sales? Or your profits?

I’ve seen hundreds of business presentations. PowerPoint graphs illustrating business growth. They’re usually about sales. No mention of profitability.

I remember a conversation with the owner of a large media agency…

He told me that lots of money came into his business. And most of it went straight out again.

He said this money was like a waterfall, gushing through his company.

Then, opening his arms in a hugging movement, he said: “And my job is to try to catch some of it!”

He was saying that he didn’t catch much of that money for himself.

As he spoke, I thought of the adage:
“Turnover is vanity; profit is sanity.”

Yes, size DOES matter.

But the size of WHAT?
– Sales or profit?
– The number of clients – or income per client?
– The number of employees – or profit per employee?

There are many other important things you can measure in your business too.

Here are just a few:
– The hours you have to work.
– The quality of your creative projects.
– How much fun you get from your business.
– How many holidays you take in a year.

What you choose to measure depends on what’s important to YOU. Not what others think.

It’s YOUR right to define what success means for you. For YOUR business. For YOUR life.

Where in your business does size matter most?

Which aspects of your business and your life do YOU want to grow?

This is one of the first questions I ask as a coach for creative business owners.

I’m fascinated by the range of different answers I hear.

Because every entrepreneur is unique. Every business is different.

YOU are unique.

What’s most important to you and your creative business?

I’m dying to know. I’m waiting to hear from you.