Entrepreneurship Conference in Moldova

David was a keynote speaker at an Entrepreneurship Conference in Moldova. The “ENABLE Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Employ your Creativity” Conference was held in Chisinau from 14-17 September 2017.

Entrepreneurship Conference Speaker David Parrish

David also delivered a ‘Marketing for Creatives’ Masterclass and hosted a ‘Creative Breakfast’ meeting as part of the Entrepreneurial Conference events.

The organisers and project drivers of the ENABLE conference were:
GEN Moldova:  an association that aims to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Republic of Moldova through developing entrepreneurial spirit, culture , its stakeholders, forming partnership nationwide and the community overall locally, nationally and globally; and
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom: a German nonprofit organization. FNF engages for liberal values and policies in about 70 countries, implementing projects in close cooperation with nearly 800 partner organizations.    liberal foundation we choose individual freedom and responsibility, citizen’s participation, entrepreneurship and competition.

The 2017 edition focused on how to employ creativity in developing ecosystems. It included interactive sessions and practical workshops, field trips and internationally renowned speakers.

As a result of the ENABLE Entrepreneurial Conference the participants were able to:
•Understand the importance of creativity in growing the community around your locality, organization, business and city;
•Learn from the global practitioners in economy development and build long-lasting networks with other stakeholders from within the country and from other countries.
•Gain insight into how to tackle the challenges in growing up businesses and the trends existent on international markets
•Ways to manage creative processes and innovation and how various tools can be used to find solutions to the key challenges their organizations, ecosystems are facing.

Full details of the ENABLE Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Conference are online here.

• to increase community engagement and collaboration in developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem
through entrepreneurial awareness, raising entrepreneurial cultureand mindset and furthering
specific education
• Obtain understanding of the context and the role of actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem . The audience will take a look at the birth, evolution, and scale of entrepreneurial ecosystems nationwide; systems that are poised to yield more entrepreneurs. Taking as the example the creative industries
• Highlight Entrepreneurial Stories from Creatives at the Global, national and local level
• Increase awareness of the role of media and educators in fostering an entrepreneurial culture, of local government in supporting entrepreneurship and of community collaboration for
entrepreneurship development in the given regions (leading entrepreneurship journalists from Chisinau, school programs for entrepreneurship development, university initiatives, local ngos,
industrial clusters)
• Search for a new future together and develop actions to increase community interconnectedness (local, national and international) for entrepreneurship development
International Speakers and community supporting entrepreneurship
• National Business support organizations
– Business Incubators, Technological Enablers
• Local Business Community and Business Associations, Technological Enablers, Creative Associations and groups, creative NGOs
• Media and Communicators • Educators, Educational Institutions Reps and Students and pupils (for the ASEM event)
• Entrepreneurs and proprietors of IT Centers, libraries inspiring local and national entrepreneurs
• Local, Regional and National Policy Makers

During his visit to Moldova, David also spoke at the launch of his creative business book ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ which was translated into Romanian and published in Moldova by Editura ARC.

Entrepreneurship conference in Moldova

“David Parrish is a very inspirational speaker. The way he illustrates his points is excellent. He makes you laugh and instantly you start to think about your own ideas and projects.”
– Eli Folkestadaas. British-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. Oslo, Norway

David has delivered keynote speeches around the world. He has spoken at creative industries conferences, conventions, summits and other events associated with creative entrepreneurship, the digital economy, cultural industries, the creative economy and the cultural economy. David has given talks and participated in panel discussions and round table debates. He has also presented lectures and TEDx talks.

As well being an entrepreneurship conference speaker, David designs and delivers creative entrepreneurship workshops to suit the precise needs of the workshop participants. He has a long experience of designing and delivering creative entrepreneurship training workshops, courses, masterclasses and in-house training courses on a range of management themes. Participants include design, media and technology businesses in the creative, cultural and digital industries, ranging from startups to high growth businesses.

“You know the workshop was great when you have to kindly ask people to leave the premises because the building is closing soon. David is the only speaker who managed to evoke such interest in young entrepreneurs, and we had a wide range of international speakers and businessmen visit us. Combination of expert knowledge, enormous experience, and unique eloquence are what make David ‘a must-have’ in every accelerator/organization/event/conference.”
Ajla Fijuljanin. Foundation Networks. Bosnia-Herzegovina. www.networks.ba