How to use BOTH kinds of Creativity profitably

There are two kinds of Creativity. As a creative business owner, you can use both kinds of creativity, profitably. Here’s how…

The word ‘creativity’ is a problem. Because people use it to mean only ‘artistic’ creativity. It’s as if the artists have hijacked the word for themselves.

So many people say “I’m not creative”. Meaning they aren’t good at painting, crafts or music.

But there is another kind of creativity. And it’s not about art.

It’s about ingenuity, problem solving and invention. It’s about doing things differently.

We find this wider kind of ingenious creativity in ALL fields of human endeavour.

In sport, healthcare and agriculture. In education, politics and science. In law, transportation and finance.

I gave a talk at TEDx Napoli. I suggested two new words for these different kinds of creativity.

“a-Creativity” to mean artistic creativity;
“i-Creativity” to mean ingenuity of all kinds.

Here’s the thing…

You can use a-Creativity in the studio
You can use i-Creativity in the business office

I work with creative enterprises all around the world. And I see mindblowing a-Creativity in their studios. Designs, films, music. Animation, fashion, photography.

But what about i-Creativity in the business office? Well, frankly, I don’t see quite so much.

If we don’t use i-Creativity in business, we’re missing out. It’s too easy to follow boring commercial conventions. To use old business models. To work hard, but not smart.

As a business coach for creative entrepreneurs, I can’t help you in the studio. You don’t need it. It’s not my job. You have abundant a-Creativity.

But I CAN help you in the business office to use i-Creativity.

Clever strategies. Innovative techniques. Smart ways to do business.

Over the years I’ve collected hundreds of these. Ingenious strategies from my own direct experience. Smart techniques from the hundreds of creative businesses I’ve helped. Shrewd methods I’ve seen deliver results.

All these are in my unique creative business “toolbox”. I’ve used them in my own businesses. I’ve gathered them over 25 years of helping creative entrepreneurs. I’ve collected them from working in more than 60 countries.

Which means I can offer you the best tools to fix any problem. I can share them with you to grow your business. And I can show you how to use them for yourself.

Do you want to use my toolbox in your business?

To grasp an opportunity? To increase sales? To work less for more money?

If so, contact me and let’s have a conversation.

How to use BOTH kinds of Creativity profitably