Kuala Lumpur talk: “Innovation and Creativity for Startups”

David gave a talk on “Innovation and Creativity for Startups” at an event for tech start-ups in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Saturday 25 July 2015.

The event was hosted by Let’s Meetup and #GSD, in association with Startup Malaysia and 8spaces at The Loop in Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

David Parrish speaking in Kuala Lumpur

In Kuala Lumpur, David spoke about innovation and creativity for startups and the business of creativity. He spoke about two kinds of creativity: a-Creativity and i-Creativity, which he defined in his TEDxNapoli talk and online article. David explained his concept of bringing together creativity and business in harmony, using the metaphor ‘T-Shirts and Suits’ derived from his own story as an entrepreneur. He also spoke about creative business models that can be used successfully by startup entrepreneurs and companies in the design, media and technology sectors and creative enterprises world-wide..

David works with startups and high growth enterprises in the creative and digital industries internationally. Through his work as a business adviser and management consultant, he helps design, media and technology business to become even more successful.

David advises startups as well as high-growth businesses in the fields of design, media and technology.

Hundreds of creative and digital start-ups have benefited from David’s creative industries business advice, coaching, mentoring, training workshops and presentations.

He works internationally helping creative and digital enterprises become even more successful. He does this by working with creative entrepreneurs to devise business models and marketing strategies that achieve success.

David’s first book ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ has been described as a ‘bible for startups’ and is also highly acclaimed by creative entrepreneurs in established and high growth businesses.

David’s startup workshops include ‘Designing Your Creative Business‘ and a range of other business development workshops dealing with marketing, pricing, intellectual property, financial management, business growth and leadership.

Successful creative startups integrate creativity and business. David’s T-Shirts and Suits® approach helps creative people (‘T-Shirts’) use smart business thinking (‘Suits’).

David’s work is internationally acclaimed. He helps clients by drawing on his own direct experience as an entrepreneur as well as his work helping hundreds of creative and digital businesses around the world. His direct experience is backed up by academic qualifications and professional accreditations.

David has helped hundreds of businesses (including startups) in more than 30 countries to achieve greater success on their own terms, using smart business development techniques that fit with their creativity, ambitions and values.

David is a popular and inspiring keynote speaker at startup conference and startup events world wide. He is one of the most respected creative industries keynote speakers on creative enterprise, the creative economy, and creativity in business. His speaks about startup management as well as issues for more established businesses. He specialises in speaking at conferences and events for creative, digital and cultural enterprises including design, media and technology businesses. David is listed as a TED Speaker and was the keynote speaker at TEDx Napoli on the subject of creativity.

David speaks at startup events, conferences, conventions and other meetings on subjects including:

  • How to be a Creative Entrepreneur. Combining creative passion with smart business techniques to achieve startup success.
  • Marketing Strategically. How to increase sales and profits by focusing on the right kinds of customers.
  • How to Make Money While You Sleep. Creating, protecting and licensing intellectual property to generate new income streams.
  • New Business Models in the Creative Industries. New ways to raise finance, engage with customers and sell creative products and services.
  • Leading and Managing Creative Teams. How to increase performance using six leadership styles to inspire and manage creative people.
  • T-Shirts and Suits: How successful creative entrepreneurs integrate their creativity with smart business thinking.