Smart Marketing – online video toolkit

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This toolkit is packed with information about smart marketing.
It offers several marketing techniques, insights and tips to help you to be smarter with marketing of your products or services.
The ten sections of the toolkit contain video presentations and written information.
In addition there are three bonus videos and three downloadable articles.

Written and presented by David Parrish, a specialist creative business adviser and qualified marketing expert. David’s extensive professional qualifications include Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM). He also has ‘Chartered Marketer’ status, awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK to a limited number of marketing professionals in recognition of their experience, expertise and ongoing commitment to keeping at the cutting edge of the marketing profession. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and several other professional institutions.

He helps business owners to use marketing in a smart and strategic way, to increase sales, prices and profits. He works worldwide as a marketing consultant, keynote speaker, and trainer. Online he provides marketing advice sessions, workshops and webinars – plus products and free resources on his website.

David is a registered TED speaker and delivered a TEDx talk at TEDxENCGJ in Morocco on marketing. His marketing talk was on the subject of ‘Marketing: Power by Illusion?’ (See associated article: “Is Marketing a ‘Paper Tiger’?”). He has spoken at TEDx events in Italy, Morocco and Norway.

He is the author of the marketing book: “Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success. 63 Techniques, Tips and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs” [eBook / paperback / audiobook / signed copy / info, extracts, reviews]

David Parrish shares his marketing expertise through his marketing keynote speeches and presentations, interactive training workshops, books and business advice consultancy with individual clients worldwide. He applies marketing authentically in his strategy for his own international business.

“David helped us to devise a marketing strategy which focuses on our competitive strengths and the best market segments. Using effective marketing techniques we have improved the way we connect our creative talents with profitable markets.”
– Janina Gaudin. Director. Pepperbot Studios Ltd. New Zealand

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A welcome and introduction to the course, with information about its structure, and how to get the most from the course.

Marketing: not a fancy word for ‘selling’

My approach to marketing makes a clear distinction between strategic marketing and operational marketing (operational marketing is also sometimes called marketing communications or ‘marketing comms’). This difference is crucial. And strategic marketing must come first.

Authentic Marketing

Being authentic in business means being yourself and being ‘in your element’. Strategic marketing is about finding customers who are on your wavelength – then selling to them is easy and natural, not a painful process.

Marketing makes Selling Superfluous

Strategic marketing is about the business as a whole and its design and development around the changing needs of selected customers. It is not a separate department or final stage in the process.

The Product – Customer Fit

Many of the biggest problems in business can be ascribed to mistakes in strategic marketing. Don’t blame the operational marketing people if your product doesn’t sell. Instead you may need to look towards the people who make strategic marketing errors (even if they don’t call what they do ‘marketing’). Strategic marketing means connecting the right products to the right customers.

Is there a Market in the Gap?

Strategic marketing is about the ‘big picture’ questions: Is there a sufficiently large market for your product? Why aren’t competitors serving a market? What are the habits and preferences of your target customers?

Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

A business’s strengths or weaknesses can only be evaluated in the context of any particular situation – don’t change your business, change your situation. Connect the realities of your business to customers and projects where they become strengths.

The Sales versus Production Conflict

Who’s right and who’s wrong? In my view, such battles are the result of a failure of top management. Because it is the people at the top making strategic decisions that need to square the circle. Business strategy is all about harmonising what can feasibly be produced profitably and the exact markets to be served.

Your Difference is your Strength

Connect your passions, personal style and difference to customers who want what you can uniquely offer. Don’t try to do everything. Focus on what you are best at and find the customers who want that thing.

Choose Your Customers Carefully

Not all customers are good customers!
Strategic marketing is about carefully selecting the right kind of customers, not trying to sell to everyone. This section tells you how to select the right target market(s).

The Most Important Customers

Not all customers are equal. Some are far more important than others. Recognise this and allocate resources accordingly. List your special customers, and then treat them especially well.

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