The 63 Creative Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tales

This strategic marketing book contains 63 short sections, each of which can be read quickly and acted upon immediately. It’s full of creative marketing ideas, action points, and useful marketing techniques.

You can download it onto your phone now and then use one of these sections to improve your marketing within minutes. This creative marketing book is also available as an AudioBook.

Each section could increase your sales and profits, giving you a massive return on your small investment of buying the eBook.

The 63 sections are presented in ten parts, covering marketing strategy, niche marketing, marketing objectives, target markets, pricing, market research, customer benefits, customer relationships, customers’ perceptions, and marketing communications. Each small section is useful in itself and the reader can hop around within the book, selecting sections from their intriguing titles, without having to read the whole book in a linear way.

See links below to videos of creative entrepreneurs talking about how a particular one of the tips, techniques or tales has helped them to make their business even more successful. All videos also online here.

Table of Contents

Marketing is not a fancy word for ‘selling’ (book extract)

Part One
First things first
Thinking strategically about marketing

1 Authentic marketing (video) (book extract)
2 Marketing makes selling superfluous
3 Strategy is invisible (read extract from book)
4 How not to sell food to the French
5 Is there a market in the gap?
6 The big fight: sales vs production
7 Quirky but strategic
8 a-Creativity: i-Creativity

Part Two
Marketing focus
Find your niche amongst competitors

9 Chase one rabbit (watch video)
10 Are you a ‘busy fool’? (read extract from book)
11 How to turn weaknesses into strengths
12 What’s your competitive advantage? (read extract from book)
13 How to make lots of enemies (watch video)
14 A question from a Facebook friend

Part Three
Marketing – towards what?
Goals, values and personal style

15 Do you want to be successful? (watch video)
16 Values, passion and personal style (watch video)
17 Your difference is your strength (read extract from book)
18 Positive strategy involves deciding what not to do (watch video)
19 What does growth mean?

Part Four
Choosing the right customers
Why you shouldn’t try to sell to everyone

20 Not all customers are good customers! (watch video) (read extract from book)
21 How many customers do you need?
22 The important few
23 Location, location, location…
24 Niche marketing, not mass marketing
25 Why ‘raising your profile’ is a waste of time (read extract from book)

Part Five
The price of marketing
How to set the right prices

26 Increase prices – to lose customers! (read extract from book)
27 You don’t have to sell cheap or sell out
28 The high price of benefits
29 Reassuringly expensive
30 Help your retailers
31 Free
32 Invoices can state two prices

Part Six
Don’t talk to customers – listen first
Listening to customers and other market research techniques

33 Don’t do market research! (read extract from book)
34 Customers know stuff we don’t
35 Crowd-testing
36 Is it really a feasibility study?

Part Seven
What’s in it for me?
Selling benefits to customers

37 Nobody cares about you and your business (read extract from book)
38 Selling benefits
39 Barking up the wrong tree
40 Why awards don’t matter (read extract from book)
41 Why my website didn’t get any hits

Part Eight
It’s personal
Why customers need to know, like and trust you

42 It’s not ‘proper marketing’ (watch video) (read extract from book)
43 Who the hell is ‘info’?! (read extract from book)
44 Follow the love (watch video)(read extract from book)
45 Do Google rankings matter?
46 Observe yourself
47 Analyse successes as well as failures
48 Trust trumps competence

Part Nine
What customers see is not what you see
Understanding customers’ perspectives

49 Customers’ eyes
50 Quality, yes. But whose quality?
51 What are they buying from you really?
52 How to reverse the advertising message (read extract from book)
53 The foreigner’s advantage
54 Your business name is not for you
55 Maybe you’re the brand

Part Ten
Communicating with precision
Who should say what to whom, and how

56 Different markets
57 The 3Ms of marketing (read extract from book)
58 To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question
59 How to be a great salesperson
60 You are the best salesperson
61 Customers are ‘ploggers’
62 Why advertising can lose you money
63 Marketing is the chief executive’s responsibility

Conclusion: We need both strategy and communications

Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success
63 Tips, Techniques and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs

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The 63 Creative Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tales

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