‘Crowd Financing’ to fund a film

How do you raise finance for a feature film? (Or any other creative enterprise, for that matter.)

It’s an expensive business, but some creative entrepreneurs think imaginatively about raising money, including raising small amounts from lots of people. Like ‘crowd-sourcing’, ‘crowd financing’ allows many people to participate in a small way to have a great collective effect. This ‘crowd-financing’ approach is now more feasible than ever before because of online networks and ecommerce technology.

Fiona Maher sold bit-parts in her film on eBay and now three British teenagers have raised £105,000 (105,000 GBP) so far, by selling credits in their film for just £1 (1 GBP) each, according to this article in the Guardian.

Congratulations to these entrepreneurs for using their creativity to think also about finance as well as their film projects !

PS: Thanks to Felix Holm for his reply on the discussion forum, letting us know about ‘Boy Called Twist’, a South African film financed this way.

PPS: Thanks also to Hannah Rudman for providing links to the excellent site The Age of Stupid (Crowd Financed film with funding models, budgets etc) and the fundraising/campaigning site The Point.