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Smart Marketing – an online toolkit of smart marketing strategies that make your business even more successful


A toolkit of smart marketing strategies and techniques.
Videos, documents, action points, further information and online events.

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This toolkit is packed with information about smart marketing.
It offers several marketing techniques, insights and tips to help you to be smarter with marketing of your products or services.
The ten sections of the toolkit contain video presentations and written information,  plus bonus materials and worksheets.

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Written and presented by David Parrish, a specialist creative business adviser and qualified marketing expert. David’s extensive professional qualifications include Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM). He also has ‘Chartered Marketer’ status, awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK to a limited number of marketing professionals in recognition of their experience, expertise and ongoing commitment to keeping at the cutting edge of the marketing profession. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and several other professional institutions.

He helps business owners to use marketing in a smart and strategic way, to increase sales, prices and profits. He works worldwide as a marketing consultant, keynote speaker, and trainer. Online he provides marketing advice sessions, workshops and webinars – plus products and free resources on his website.

David is a registered TED speaker and delivered a TEDx talk at TEDxENCGJ in Morocco on marketing. His marketing talk was on the subject of ‘Marketing: Power by Illusion?’ (See associated article: “Is Marketing a ‘Paper Tiger’?”). He has spoken at TEDx events in Italy, Morocco and Norway.

He is the author of the marketing book: “Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success. 63 Techniques, Tips and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs” [eBook / paperback / audiobook / signed copy / info, extracts, reviews]

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Note: This online toolkit or course includes access to live online group coaching events facilitated by David Parrish.