Creative Business Advice Sessions Online

David offers creative business advice sessions online as part of his online business support for creative, cultural and digital enterprises world-wide.
Forthcoming sessions are listed below.

Online advice sessions for individuals and groups have different formats, as follows:
– One-to-one confidential business advice and coaching.
– Workshop group advice and coaching. This is usually included as ongoing support following an online workshop.
– Advice, questions/answers and discussion on a particular topic for people who have accessed one of David’s online toolkits or courses.
– Open Forum sessions for people who have participated in one of David’s webinars, workshops, toolkit courses or other online events.
– Other online creative industries business advice sessions can be arranged, including presentations, workshops, webinars etc. (more…)
– David often works in partnership with creative hubs, creative industries business support organisations, creative business associations and other organisations to deliver online business support. (See some examples.)

Contact David Parrish to organise a creative business advice meeting online for your business, creative hub, community or network.

Next creative business advice sessions online

Business Strategies for Cultural Managers
Open session for cultural managers associated with Trenčín 2026 European Capital of Culture – plus anyone else interested in sharing cultural business strategies.
This online meeting will also serve as a follow-up session for participants who attended David’s training workshop in Trenčín in October 2022.
David will begin with a short presentation and then it will be an open forum for participants to share experiences, ask questions and join the conversation.
<< Date in early December 2022 to be announced soon >>
Registration will be required for this free online Zoom meeting.

Pricing and other business matters for creative enterprises
Open to anyone. Join leaders of Creative Hubs in West Africa and other creative entrepreneurs worldwide to discuss pricing with David Parrish. The open forum discussion will begin with a brief presentation from David about pricing in relation to economics, intellectual property and market positioning.
Friday 12 February 2021. 10.00- 11.30 GMT (11.00 – 12.30 WAT)

Registration required for this free online Zoom meeting.

Especially for people who have accessed one of the online toolkits (Smart Marketing, Precision Marketing) or purchased the marketing book “Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success”  as an eBook, paperback, audiobook or signed copy. Others also welcome.

More free online Zoom sessions coming soon!

About David Parrish…

Crucially, it is not a compromise between creativity and business – it’s a matter of getting the best of both worlds.”
– David Parrish, “British guru in the creative enterprise sphere”, quoted online alongside Richard Branson, Madonna, Felix Dennis and Edward de Bono.

“I have learnt from my own experience in business how we can combine creativity with business to achieve the success we want. I just love helping entrepreneurs around the world to be the best they can be by using smart business techniques that fit with their values and objectives.”
– David Parrish. Speaker, Consultant, Trainer and Writer on Creativity and Business

Creative Business Advice Sessions Online

“David Parrish was an inspiration to creative and digital entrepreneurs in Bogotá and made an excellent contribution to The Digital Debate as the international keynote speaker. By bringing his wide international experience and message about combining creative passion with smart business thinking, he helped to accelerate the growth of the digital industries in Colombia.”
Carlos F Ramirez. Managing Director. The Digital Debate. Bogotá. Colombia

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