Downloadable Information

Downloadable information about David’s experience and expertise is in the following documents, which can be downloaded and printed, as required.
Click on the links to open or download the PDF documents.
For photos and other publicity material see the Media Pack.

David Parrish: one-page summary
One-page summary of David’s international experience and professional expertise as a specialist creative industries speaker, trainer, business adviser and writer.
David Parrish. Information. (PDF)
David Parrish. Information (Word)

What Clients Say about David’s work
Testimonials and comments from clients about David’s style and positive effect on their businesses.
David Parrish. What Clients Say (PDF)

Speaking and Presentations
David as a conference keynote speaker, presenter, TEDx speaker, guest lecturer, convention speaker and seminar leader.
David Parrish. Speaking and Presentations. (PDF)
David Parrish. Speaking and Presentations. What Clients Say… (PDF)
David Parrish. Speaking and Presentation Topics (PDF)

Business Advice and Management Consultancy
Advising creative businesses on growth – directly and through support agencies.
David Parrish. Business Advice and Consultancy. (PDF)
David Parrish. Business Advice and Consultancy. What Clients Say… (PDF)

Marketing Advice, Speeches and Workshops
Expert advice on marketing strategies, marketing workshops and keynote speeches on marketing.
David Parrish. Marketing Advice. (PDF)

Training Workshops
Details of business training workshops designed and delivered for creative entrepreneurs.
David Parrish. Training Workshops. (PDF)
David Parrish. Training. What Clients Say… (PDF)

Leadership Consultancy and Training
David advises executives on leading and managing change, culture change and change management.
David Parrish. Leadership and Management. (PDF)
David Parrish. Leading Change. (PDF)

International Business Adviser
David helps enterprises develop exports, global reach and international partnerships.
David Parrish. International Business Adviser. (PDF)

Projects and Clients
Examples of the types of projects David delivers for a range of clients world-wide.
David Parrish. Projects and Clients. (PDF)

Creativity Consultancy
David helps businesses and organisations to find creative ways to grow successfully.
David Parrish. Creativity Consultant. (PDF)

Arts and Cultural Enterprises
David’s experience and expertise as an enterprise adviser with arts organisations, cultural enterprises and arts projects.
David Parrish. Arts and Cultural Enterprises. (PDF)

Guest lectures, seminars, workshops, and creative entrepreneurship curriculum advice.
David Parrish. Universities. (PDF)

Qualifications and Credentials
Academic qualifications and professional credentials in addition to experience.
David Parrish. Qualifications and Credentials. (PDF)

More publicity materials including photos of David Parrish, company logos, book covers and free eBook are available in the Media Pack.

Further information, references and a full CV/Resumé are available by contacting David’s offices directly.

See also his story for a personal account of his background, values and perspectives on creativity and business.


David Parrish. RSA Certificate