Creative Passion, Competition and Pricing (Video)

In this short video, David talks about creative passion, competition and pricing in the creative industries. He was interviewed at the Faculty of Creative Industries at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Lithuania.

David was also invited to give a creative economy lecture to students and faculty members. In his guest lecture, David spoke about the creative economy in terms of:
– How we can combine Creative Passion and Business
– How to be Creative in the Studio – and also in the Office
– How to Make Money while you Sleep
– How to Create Your Own Business Formula
in his lecture: “T-Shirts and Suits: How to combine creative talent with smart business thinking”

David’s creative economy lecture included case studies about creative entrepreneurs from around the world, including examples of smart business techniques in the creative industries from  Vietnam, Brazil and the UK. David has also written other ‘Ideas in Action’ case studies featuring creative entrepreneurs from Jamaica, Holland, Hong Kong and South Africa. David also draws on his work in more than 50 countries around the world to provide further examples of smart business thinking in his university lectures, keynote speeches and creative business training workshops.

David Parrish speaks about creative passion in the creative industries

David was invited as an international guest lecturer on the creative economy by Associate Professor Dr Živilė Sederevičiūtė Pačiauskienė, Dean of the Faculty of Creative Industries (pictured below, third from left) to give his creative business lecture in Vilnius. Also pictured with David are Angele Tamuleviciute and Aistė Ptakauskė.

Creative Business Lecture in Lithuania

“David was a guest lecture at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Faculty of Creative Industries. David is a great communicator, clear and inspiring.  We had many questions and even more ideas after the seminar. We still receive a positive feedback from students and lecturers that attended the seminar. David is very professional, busy but always open to the new ideas. Hope to have an opportunity to work together in the very next future. Thank you very much!”
Zivile Sedereviciute-Paciauskiene, Dean of the Faculty of Creative Industries. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Find out more about pricing in the video of the webinar on pricing, on this page, in David’s marketing book, and in his interactive training workshop ‘Creative Pricing’.