Orange Economy Speaker in Bogotá, Colombia

David was a keynote Orange Economy speaker at the Orange Festival events to promote the creative industries in Colombia.

The Orange Festival (Festival Naranja) was organised by Bogotá Naranja, festival events included speeches and presentations, discussion panels, interviews, workshops, and networking meetings.

David gave a keynote speech: “Successful Creative Entrepreneurship in the Orange Economy Worldwide”. He gave examples of successful creative enterprises around the world using creative business models: a commercial illustrator in Brazil, a theatre producer in Lithuania, a visual artist in England, a fashion design company in Hong Kong, two art galleries in Vietnam, a TV producer in Jamaica and a graphic design company in the Netherlands. These are just a few of the many businesses in the creative industries and the Orange Economy that have become successful, both creatively and commercially by combining their creative talent with smart business thinking.

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David also delivered a workshop for Findeter: “Developing Creative Economies in Secondary Cities with Creative Business Support Programmes”. The interactive workshop featured David’s work around the world and the “Creative Growth Initiative” project in Liverpool, UK.

David Parrish with Festival Naranja organisers Juan Diego Ortiz and Felipe Buitrago
David Parrish with Festival Naranja organisers Juan Diego Ortiz and Felipe Buitrago


“Working with David has been a great pleasure and a fantastic learning experience, his presentations and workshops full of strategic knowledge and valuable insights plus his warm approach to people left the public tremendously engaged, inspired and eager to follow trough the learnings. I highly appreciate the professionalism and dedication to the project and the quality time spent with David on a personal level, very much recommend his mentoring! Looking forward to work together again in the near future.”
Juan Diego Ortiz – Coolture Investments, Bogota – Colombia
Organisers of Festival Naranja.

Orange Economy Speaker at Festival Naranja in Colombia

David spoke about creative entrepreneurship, drawing on his experience and case studies from his work around the world. He helps creative enterprises become even more successful by combining creative talent with smart business thinking – a combination he calls “T-Shirts and Suits”
(“Camisetas y Corbatas” in Spanish).

Orange Economy Speaker David Parrish

David also contributed an article ‘Five Steps to Success as a Creative Entrepreneur’ which was published in Spanish in the first edition Bogotá Naranja in August 2017, during the Festival Naranja, entitled: “5 Pasos Para Ser Un Emprendedor Creativo Exitoso”.

Five Steps to Success article by Orange Economy Speaker David Parrish

Five Steps to Success article by Orange Economy Speaker David Parrish

Orange Economy speaker David Parrish

David is the author of two books and other publications to help creative entrepreneurs in the orange economy and creative industries to be even more successful.

His first book, “T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity” has been published in translations in 9 countries worldwide, including Colombia. The book is designed to help creative enterprises in the creative industries, the Orange Economy and the cultural industries worldwide.

Orange Economy business guide

His marketing book has been translated into Spanish and is available as a paperback or eBook in Spanish. “Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success. 63 Tips, Techniques and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs” helps businesses in the Orange Economy and Creative Industries to be more strategic, focused and successful in marketing.

Orange Economy marketing book

Conference and events organisers say in testimonials that David inspires, enlightens and entertains his audiences. As a keynote speaker, David brings his own experience of working in the creative industries and orange economy. He brings success stories from his clients around the world to his speeches and presentations.

“It was a pleasure to invite David to give the keynote speech at the Third International Creative Industries Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia. His speech about ‘Creative Business in the Digital Economy’ was enlightening. It was ideal for our audience that included startups, government officials, investors and agencies from Serbia and other countries. David’s speech was also broadcast on TV to reach an even wider audience. We were delighted with the positive impact that David made on the creative industries here in Serbia.”
Tatjana Kalezic. Creative Industries Cluster of Vojvodina KVIK.

creative industries keynote speaker David Parrish at creative business conference speaking on creative marketing and communication

“David Parrish is a very inspirational speaker. The way he illustrates his points is excellent. He makes you laugh and instantly you start to think about your own ideas and projects.”
– Eli Folkestadaas. British-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. Oslo, Norway

David has delivered keynote speeches around the world about the creative industries and the orange economy. He has spoken at conferences, conventions, summits and other events for the creative industries, the digital economy, cultural industries, the creative economy and the cultural economy. David has given talks and participated in panel discussions and round table debates. He has also presented lectures and TEDx talks.

For example he was the keynote speaker at the Ejadah Confex, the Saudi Arabia Creative Economy Conference and Exhibition in 2016; keynote speaker in Serbia at the Third International Creative Industries Conference. He was a speaker at the Business Wisdom Summit in Ukraine; EVCOMference 2015 in the UK; and keynote creative economy speaker at the Korea Creative Economy Forum. He gave a presentation at the ‘Think up Culture!’ conference in Spain. He also spoke in Russia at the World Summit of Creative Industries in Moscow; at a Samsung Conference in Portugal; and a Cultural Economy Conference in Chile. In Ireland, David was the creative industries keynote speaker at Enterprise Week in County Donegal. He was the international keynote speaker at The Digital Debate Digital Industries conference in Bogotá, Colombia. (See many more examples and testimonials below.)

“David has been a pleasure to work with since day one when we have approached him. His name was specifically chosen based on his expertise and background as a creative keynote speaker. We are especially appreciating the attention to details given by David and flexibility to fit the conference theme promoting the creative economy in Saudi. Audiences from different backgrounds were highly influenced by the content presented by David throughout his two sessions “Creative Economy Worldwide” and “Combining Business With Creativity”. Local speakers and guests have approached David in different ways and he was pleasantly attending all requesting. ACE Events as an organizer had a very smooth experience with David until the last day, which we are highly thankful for and this is definitely a presence that we look forward to have in more events to come in future.”
Mais El-Ras. Ejadah Confex. Saudi Arabia.

David Parrish. Creative Economy Speaker

David is a popular inspiring and entertaining keynote speaker at conferences and events world-wide. He is one of the most respected international creative industries keynote speakers. David speaks about creative enterprise, the creative economy, the creative and digital industries, the digital economy, cultural enterprise, the cultural economy and creativity in business. As a qualified marketing expert, David speaks about creative marketing, international marketing, marketing strategies and international business.

“EXCELLENT was the overwhelming response of delegates about David’s speech on Creativity and Business”