Financial Planning Workshop for Creative Enterprises

Left Coast hosted a Financial Planning Workshop for Creative Enterprises, designed and delivered by creative industries business adviser David Parrish.

‘The Numbers: Making it all add up, financial planning for creatives‘ was the name of the full-day interactive workshop for creative entrepreneurs offered by The Academy.

The workshop included practical guides, simple terminology and take away spreadsheets to help participants to plan and manage their finances.

The overall objective of the financial planning workshop for creative enterprises was to help people whose main strengths are in creativity rather than finance and accountancy to understand and use the most important financial concepts and techniques, so that they can manage their enterprises even more successfully.

“A taxing day of finances and numbers with The Academy and David Parrish today. After 16 years being self employed I still found today very enlightening. Thanks LeftCoast.”
Buzz Bury, Education, Training & Creativity

Workshop objectives
By the end of the financial planning workshop for creative enterprises, participants:
1.    Understand the main concepts and ‘jargon’ used in finance and accounts, such as: Depreciation; Fixed and Variable Costs; Gross Profit and Net Profit, Accruals and Prepayments, Income and Expenditure (as distinct from receipts and payments).
2.    Can understand – and use – the information given in Profit and Loss Accounts and Cash Flow forecasts.
3.    Are able to cost projects and prepare budgets to ensure they cover both the direct costs and a proportion of indirect costs (overheads) by charging the right prices.

Style of the Workshop
– The workshop does not assume any prior knowledge of accounts or finance.
– The workshop is not a ‘lecture’ but an opportunity for people to learn using examples that are accessible, interesting and appropriate.
– There are opportunities to ask questions in a non-intimidating atmosphere.
– The workshop uses groupwork and other activities to ensure it is accessible – and even ‘fun’.

David has successfully designed and delivered training workshops for creative entrepreneurs over many years in the UK, Vietnam, Spain, Taiwan, Chile, Lithuania, Norway, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, the Philippines, Thailand, Germany, New Zealand, Indonesia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Belarus, Azerbaijan Bosnia & Herzegovina and other countries.

Some further comments about David’s financial planning workshops from previous participants:
“I had much more fun than I thought possible at a finance workshop.”
– Alke Groppel-Wegener. Freelance Artist.

“Demystified all the jargon and showed the importance and usefulness of different financial forms etc !! Thanks !”
– Adelle Robinson. Community Arts North West (CAN)

“Very well presented and planned. The level was just right.”
– Daksha Patel.  Shisha: International Agency for contemporary South Asian crafts and visual arts.

“Very accessible and informative.”
– Tess Hills. Curious Cargo

“Excellent. Clarified a great deal and got rid of my fear of accounts.
– Joe Harrison. Join the Noise

“Good use of the example organisation and developing it to introduce ideas and tie them together. Working in groups was very helpful in terms of re-iterating and explaining points for the benefit of the rest of the team. And also for exploring concepts and playing with ideas.”
– Paul Williams.

“Very good presentation of accountancy and use of teamwork. Thanks.”
– Claire Ferguson. Textured Ceramics

“The workshop emphasised the importance of calculations and budgeting. It made balance sheets and cashflow charts more understandable. It demonstrated it is possible to do your own accounts.”
– Sophiana Rhoden. Afrocats

“Very informative. Helped clear up a few misconceptions / misunderstandings about financial matters.”
– Jim Loughran. GMT Imaging

“I found the workshop very thorough and useful in terms of increasing my understanding of basic financial terms. I also feel more confident about embarking on my own small business.”
– Josam Coker

“Very good workshop. Excellent delivery, easy to follow and understand. Tailor-made for creatives”
– Ottilia Ordog. Ottilia Music Management

Publicity for this financial planning workshop for creative enterprises stated:
“Delivered by world renowned Creative Industries Guru – David Parrish author of T-Shirts & Suits & Chase One Rabbit.”

Financial Planning Workshop for Creative Enterprises workshop leader David Parrish