The Shamrock Organisation

The Shamrock Organisation, proposed by management guru Charles Handy, is a useful model for businesses in the creative industries and other industry sectors.

Charles Handy has written about a ‘Shamrock Organisation’ of three parts.

Firstly there is a small core of permanent key employees who keep the company operating and developing.

Secondly is the ‘contractual fringe’, ie subcontractors who are engaged as needed and paid by results.

Thirdly, the flexible workforce, often casual and/or part-time employees who are taken on as and when needed.

Using slightly different terms, this shamrock model could be described as ‘core staff plus project workers plus external subcontractors’.

This is one of the organisational structures outlined by David Parrish in his book ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’.

Other organisational formats include the ‘Club Sandwich’ Organisation, Network Organisations and Virtual Organisations.

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The Shamrock Organisation and other organisational structures for creative and other businesses

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