How to create a winning business development plan

“How to create a winning business development plan” was the name of the workshop hosted by the Design Business Association in London. David was invited to design and deliver the workshop for growing businesses in the design sector.

The objectives of the workshop, devised specifically for design businesses, was: “To move on from chasing one-off projects and worn out leads. Using a timely, well-considered and coherent plan will help your business grow in the right direction – without the hard sell.”

“David was excellent and very engaging. His advice about business development made what seems like a daunting task actually very simple by making you think differently.”
Karen Maxwell. Design Director. Four-by-Two. Edinburgh, Scotland

The ‘How to create a winning business development plan’ workshop covered:
– Setting your coherent business development plan: what are your goals, aims and tactics?
– Developing your plan: how to take a proactive approach to business development.
– How to understand your position in the marketplace, and identify where you want to grow.
– How to use your marketing strategy to target and communicate with the right audience.
– Methods to continually monitor your plan to ensure you’re meeting your business needs.

Workshop participants gained:
– The ability to develop their business development strategy to acquire more new business.
– An understanding of how to use proactive methods to gaining new business.
– The confidence to target their offer to the right contacts to stand out from the competition.
– The ability to take a strategic overview of their direction and opportunities so they aren’t missing out on potential clients.

The ‘How to create a winning business development plan’ workshop drew on some of the 63 sections in David’s book
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How to create a winning business development plan

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Participants on the ‘How to create a winning business development plan’ workshop each received a complimentary paperback copy of David’s strategic marketing book.