Creating Interprises

Creating ‘Interprises’ – how to make successful collaborations between creative enterprises.

Successful collaborations between creative enterprises –‘Interprises’ – are formed when there is an alignment of several factors between the businesses involved.

Some of the important issues that need to be considered and worked through in devising an effective Interprise can be described as the “Five C’s of Collaborations” :

  1. Common Purpose. A shared understanding of the purpose and objectives of the Interprise, embraced by all parties concerned.
  2. The Core Competencies of each enterprise involved. In other words, the specific expertise that each party brings to the table.
  3. The ‘Conductor of the Orchestra’. The person who has the vision, drive, leadership and co-ordination skills to make the Interprise move forward harmoniously.
  4. The Corporate Cultures of the individual businesses, including the values, ethos, personalities and management ‘style’ of each business.
  5. Control and Communication Systems. Systems and procedures for client liaison, budgeting and financial control, project management, contracting etc within the Interprise, as well as internal communication between the partners involved in the Interprise project or joint venture.