Startup mentor appointment in Bosnia & Herzegovina

David has been appointed as a startup mentor to advise creative and digital startups in Bosnia & Herzegovina. He has joined the team of startup mentors at SPARK Business Park in Mostar.

His appointment as a mentor follows David’s work with Swiss EP at Swisscontact to deliver workshops and to mentor startups at SPARK Business Park.

David’s first workshop at SPARK Business Park focused on clarifying success and then devising a ‘Business Formula’ to achieve business goals, taking into account competitors, identifying competitive advantage, then taking a strategic approach to the market to identify target markets. David’s toolkit publication ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ was used by participants to design a business model appropriate to their objectives, situation and opportunities. In addition, David’s article ‘Create Your Own Business Formula’ was distributed to participants and is also available as a free digital download from David’s website for other startups in the SPARK community and beyond. Startups who attended the workshop took the opportunity to have a one-to-one advice session with David following the workshop.

Startup mentor David Parrish at SPARK Business Park in Mostar

“David´s engagement and visit to SPARK business park has been an amazing motivation to our startups (internal workshops) and general audience (open event – “Creative marketing”), with concrete outputs when it comes to them creating new marketing strategies, adapting the existing ones and forming brand new ideas with David. The startups have been talking about David´s amazing advice and encouragement for long after he left SPARK and he certainly made a significant impact on our community – especially through follow ups and being open to further communication and collaboration as a future mentor to our startups. We appreciate the enthusiasm and all the stories that he shared with us. Also, SPARK team had the pleasure to have very interesting conversations with David and his insightful observations improved our perspective on our startups, ourselves as a team and the IT eco-system as a whole.”
Sara Lerota. SPARK Business Park. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Startup mentors at SPARK Business Park

David also presented a Creative Marketing open event at SPARK business park, which attracted a large number of people. The workshop included extracts from David’s marketing book:
‘Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success. 63 Tips, Techniques and Tales for 
Creative Entrepreneurs.’

startup mentor

David’s international experience with startups includes working in Malaysia, Serbia, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Kosovo, New Zealand, Bulgaria and Slovenia.