Donegal Creative Industries Events at Enterprise Week

To help develop Donegal creative industries, David delivered a keynote speech on creativity and business in Donegal, a county that is leading the way by developing its creative industries in the context of the county’s Strategic Action Plan for Creative Entrepreneurship.

He was commissioned by the Local Enterprise Office Donegal through their Creative Coast Donegal programme as the creative industries guest speaker and business adviser during Enterprise Week. David was in Letterkenny from 06-09 March.

David also delivered an interactive business training workshop for creative entrepreneurs in the county. His ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ workshop helps creative entrepreneurs to clarify their definition of success, identify their competitive advantage, and focus strategically on the best markets for their creative goods and services.

Donegal creative industries

David pictured with Michael Tunney, Ursula Donnelly and Liam Porter from the Donegal Local Enterprise Office.

“Donegal Local Enterprise Office engaged David Parrish as a keynote speaker and to deliver a number of one to one mentoring sessions as part of Local enterprise Week 2017. David spent a number of days in Donegal, meeting with creative businesses and engaging with stakeholders interested in the creative sector. During that time his wealth of experience was evident and his insights to the creative industries proved invaluable. Feedback from all those who engaged with David was immensely positive and we were delighted that his input contributed significantly to a very successful Donegal Local Enterprise Week 2017.”
– Michael Tunney, Head of Enterprise, Donegal, Ireland

David spoke about how people can combine their creative talents with smart business thinking. Successful creative enterprises integrate creativity and business. David’s T-Shirts and Suits® approach helps creative people (‘T-Shirts’) to use smart business thinking (‘Suits’).
David’s presentation took place on Wednesday 08 March from 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm at the Regional Cultural Centre in Letterkenny.

In addition, David gave a series of individual business advice sessions to several of the outstanding creative entrepreneurs in Donegal.

“I was extremely unhappy with my business for years but couldn’t explain why. David gave me a totally new perspective after just one mentoring session. By helping me face those difficult questions, he has given me back my passion and drive that had totally disappeared. I am recommending him to everyone!”
Michelle Mc Carroll, Knitwear Designer, Michi, Ireland

Creative Industries in Donegal - David Parrish

“David Parrish’s approach to combining business and creativity is invaluable to anyone who flinches at the suggestion of turning their creative talent into a business opportunity. This perennial affliction which leads to the words “selling out” ringing in the ears of artists, musicians and other creatives is adeptly alleviated when David explains that business is merely a tool, like a hammer which can be used for good or bad; depending on who is wielding it. It can be a weapon or an implement to build with. After attending one of David’s presentations and reading his work any creative person should be in no doubt that business and entrepreneurship is a means to an end; the end being to make a living from their creative talent. It is up to the individual to decide how to use that means in a way that best fits with their product/service, artistic sensibilities and ethos. David was the perfect guest speaker to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit among the creative community of Donegal, very down to earth and accessible.”
Camilla Meegan. Partner. DNK Media Productions.

David  works internationally as a keynote speaker, trainer and consultant specialising in the creative, digital and cultural sectors where he inspires and empowers creative entrepreneurs.

David’s book ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ is a practical handbook for creative entrepreneurs to refer to and find information, examples from successful creative businesses, and practical tips about using powerful business ideas in a creative context. It’s a creative business guide for entrepreneurs in the creative industries and creative economy. This internationally-acclaimed book is available as a paperback, free eBook and Audiobook. It has been published in translations in nine countries around the world.

Creative Industries in Donegal - David Parrish

The high level objectives of the Strategic Action Plan for Creative Entrepreneurship in Donegal are to:
• Develop a shared vision and identity to be realised for the creative sectors in Donegal.
• Provide a focal point for information on business supports and a ‘live’ profile of the creative sectors to enable exchange of ideas and stimulate new opportunities.
• Deliver appropriate interventions and investment to support creative enterprises through collaborative action by different support agencies active in economic development.
• Deliver tailored courses and supports to strengthen creative sectors entrepreneurship skills at local area based levels.
• Stimulate demand for the creative sectors services and products through promotional and marketing activities, particularly in current cultural tourism, sports and food initiatives.
• Enable cross-sectoral collaboration and ‘creative partnerships’ between creative entrepreneurs industries and education institutions to foster a pipeline of emerging talent.
• Seek cross border opportunities at European levels for better access to finance, to deliver supports for innovation and to strengthen international trade and exports, enabled through smart technologies.
• Develop niche clusters of excellence distinctive to Donegal to catalyse a critical mass of enterprises in creative sectors, such as creative content, music, textiles and language, and to inspire creativity across the community.
• Stimulate employment opportunities and connections between creative sectors, other business sectors, and within public services in the County, to better enable creative innovation in products and services.

As a trainer he designs and delivers interactive workshops on marketing, strategic planning, finance, business growth, leadership and management, pricing, change management and intellectual property. Throughout his career he has been involved with a number of major international creative and cultural projects and during David’s visit to Donegal he will also engage with cultural and creative stakeholders and hold a number of one to one sessions with creative businesses in the county. In demand all over the world as a trainer and keynote speaker, David’s address in the Regional Cultural Centre is one that really should not be missed. His address will be of huge interest to any business looking for solutions towards focusing on how they should be managing their time and their processes to make more money!

“David was excellent and very engaging. His advice about business development made what seems like a daunting task actually very simple by making you think differently.”
– Karen Maxwell. Design Director. Four-by-Two. Edinburgh, Scotland