Creative Business Workshops in Porto

David delivered two ‘Action Talk’ creative business workshops in Portugal in association with Livraria Lello, Porto’s world-famous bookshop that inspired JK Rowling. He also participated as a guest speaker in one of a cycle of Talks about the creative industries and the future of the city of Porto.

Creative business workshops in Porto

The creative business workshops were designed to help creative entrepreneurs in Porto to become even more successful. The ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ workshop focused on defining Success, analysing Competitive Advantage and Strategic Marketing. David shared his experience of setting up and growing businesses in the creative sector (including a bookshop). Participants were encouraged to share their own experiences, successes, concerns and ideas in the interactive workshops.

Feedback from workshop participants was very positive and included comments such as “very informative and eye-opening”, “incredible!”, “David was very motivating and a great communicator”, “excellent!”, “important insights from a very practical perspective”, “David was really good at explaining, and very good at interacting with the audience”.

The events were organised by Minês Castanheira and Catarina Rocha, whose company Bairro dos Livros works in partnership with Livraria Lello.

Minês Castanheira and Catarina Rocha
Minês Castanheira and Catarina Rocha


Livraria Lello

Livraria Lello

Manuel de Sousa with David Parrish

David was welcomed to Livraria Lello by Manuel de Sousa, Marketing and Communications Manager.

Creative businesses worldwide have achieved greater success by attending David’s creative business workshops for entrepreneurs in the creative, cultural and digital industries.

His creative business workshops and master classes include marketing, business strategy, financial management, leadership, pricing, commercialising intellectual property, business growth strategies and international business.

David has delivered his ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ workshop internationally using his DYCB Toolkit publication.

Creative business workshops also draw on material in David’s books. Signed paperback copies of his books are sometimes included with the training workshop materials that participants take away to use in their creative businesses and cultural enterprises. Copies of books can be supplied for creative industries training workshops by arrangement.