Astana International Forum Speaker

David was an Astana International Forum Speaker in Kazakhstan.

He shared his international experience of the creative economy with delegates from countries in the region and worldwide.

The Astana International Forum plays an essential role in bringing together leaders and experts to identify practical solutions to some of the world’s most pressing topics.

David Parrish. Astana International Forum Speaker

In the forum David spoke about:

The importance of creativity and the emerging trends and challenges in the global creative economy.
– He spoke about digitization and gave examples from book publishing, including his own books. David’s first book was designed and published primarily in paperback, whereas his second book, just a few years later, was designed and published as an eBook to read in small sections on a smartphone. Both books are available in three formats: eBook, audiobook and paperback.
– Scalability is one advantage of digitisation and countries with small local markets, such as New Zealand, can rapidly expand internationally.
– David spoke about universal challenges for the creative and digital industries from his experience of working in more than 60 countries. Despite national and regional differences, three issues seem to be universal: access to finance; management of intellectual property; and marketing.
How governments and organizations can better support creative entrepreneurs in accessing markets and expanding their networks internationally.
– David emphasised that the role of governments was to create an environment in which creative and digital enterprises can more easily start up, grow, become profitable and export internationally. Specific issues are company registration; access to finance; tax breaks; fast broadband connections; and fewer bureaucratic burdens for exporters.
– Digital Nomad visas are now available in Namibia, following a trend of digital nomads starting up online creative enterprises in countries such as Thailand.
The role of innovation in the creative industries and indeed in all economic sectors in every country.
– David said that creativity was at the heart of the creative, cultural and digital industries in all countries worldwide.
– He asserted that there are two kinds of creativity, which he outlined in his TEDx Napoli talk: “a-Creativity” and “i-Creativity”
– David talked about how businesses can be creative in both their studios and also in their business offices.
– He mentioned his Creativity Workshops for businesses and organisations in all sectors, in which methods are used to generate new ideas.
How creative entrepreneurs can achieve success both creatively and commercially.
– David uses the metaphor “T-Shirts and Suits” to describe the powerful combination of creative talent plus smart business thinking.
– Creative Business Models can be used, for example “co-opetition”, the licensing of intellectual property, and the “freemium” business model.
– David explained why his book “T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity” is available free of charge online in English, Russian and several other languages.
– David’s speeches, courses, toolkits, articles, books and workshops are available on his website. Many of these are offered free of charge.
As an Astana International Forum Speaker, David was delighted to share his experience of the creative economy and the creative industries with delegates, speakers, visitor and VIPs.

David Parrish. Astana International Forum Speaker
David Parrish. Astana International Forum Speaker
Left to right: Daniar Amanaliev, Habip Asan, Dwinita (Tita) Larasati, David Parrish, Alibek Kuantyrov, Salvador Leal.
David spoke on a panel with: Daniar Amanaliev, Co-founder and Chairman of Kyrgyzstan’s Creative Industries Association; Habip Asan, Director, Division for Transition and Developed Countries, WIPO; Dwinita (Tita) Larasati, Professor and Member of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences; Alibek Kuantyrov, Minister of National Economy, Kazakhstan. The panel moderator was Salvador Leal, Director of Communications at BIVA MX.

David introduces himself as an Astana International Forum Speaker in the video above.

In the video above, Astana International Forum Speaker David Parrish is interviewed live on TV. The interview was in English but the voice-over is in Russian for the audience in Kazakhstan.

Tobias Ellwood MP

David presented a copy of his book “T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity” to British MP, the Rt. Hon. Tobias Ellwood, Chair of the Defence Select Committee in the UK Parliament. Tobias and David are pictured with Daulet Shymyrbek and Laura Zhakanova.

David is a Creative Economy speaker at conferences and other events around the world. He brings his international experience of new business models in the creative economy to audiences worldwide. David’s keynote speeches, presentations and workshops inform and inspire both creative entrepreneurs and policy makers in the creative economy. David has spoken about the Creative Economy at the European Commission in Brussels and the United Nations in Geneva.

See Videos and read What Clients Say about David.

“David has been a pleasure to work with since day one when we have approached him. His name was specifically chosen based on his expertise and background as a creative keynote speaker. We are especially appreciating the attention to details given by David and flexibility to fit the conference theme promoting the creative economy in Saudi. Audiences from different backgrounds were highly influenced by the content presented by David throughout his two sessions “Creative Economy Worldwide” and “Combining Business With Creativity”. Local speakers and guests have approached David in different ways and he was pleasantly attending all requesting. ACE Events as an organizer had a very smooth experience with David until the last day, which we are highly thankful for and this is definitely a presence that we look forward to have in more events to come in future.”
Mais El-Ras. Ejadah Saudi Arabia Creative Economy Conference and Exhibition. Saudi Arabia.

As a Creative Economy speaker, David has delivered speeches and presentations at conferences, summits, international forums and other events including the following:

United Nations (UNCTAD), Geneva HQ, Switzerland
Presentation: ‘The Creative Economy and Creative Entrepreneurship: A Worldwide Perspective’

Unlocking the Creative Economy, South Africa
Speech about the creative economy worldwide to inspire local stakeholders to boost the creative economy in the specific context of South Africa.

Northern Transylvanian Clusters Consortium, Romania
Speech on ‘Transformation through Creativity’ in the context of the creative and digital economy, in the city of Cluj, Romania.

Germany’s Centre of Excellence for the Cultural and Creative Industries
Keynote speech at international conference on Transformation with the Cultural and Creative Industries.

ANATO National Congress, Colombia
Speech on “Inspiration for Travel Agencies from Creativity, Innovation and the Orange Economy Worldwide” in Medellín, Colombia.

European Commission. Brussels, Belgium
Creative Economy presentation on skills in the creative economy, creative entrepreneurship and the connection between the creative economy and other industry sectors.

Creative Business Summit Africa
Speech on ‘The Business of Creativity’ at this pan-African conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Territorios Innovadores
Speaker on creative entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy International Forum “Territorios Innovadores” in Bogotá, Colombia.

Curaçao Creative Economy
Keynote speaker at the ‘Connecting the Dots’ event for creative entrepreneurs in Willemstad, plus workshops on business strategy and intellectual property.

Festival Naranja Creative Economy Conference
Keynote speech on ‘Successful Creative Entrepreneurship in the Orange Economy Worldwide’, plus a workshop and interviews in Bogotá, Colombia.

Creative Industries Enterprise Week
Keynote speech on ‘Creativity and Business’, giving international examples of success in the creative economy for creative entrepreneurs in County Donegal, Republic of Ireland.

International Creative Industries Conference
Keynote speech on ‘Creative Business in the Digital Economy’ at the Third International Creative Industries Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia.

World Summit of Creative Industries
Creative Economy Speech on ‘How to be a Creative Entrepreneur’ at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC), Moscow.

Korea Creative Economy Forum
Keynote speaker on ‘Creativity and Business’ at Government-level national event in creative city Seoul.

Saudi Arabia Ejadah Confex
Ejadah Creative Economy Conference and Exhibition in Saudi Arabia 2016. Keynote speech on the Creative Economy and presentation on Creative Entrepreneurship. (more…)

Samsung Conference. Portugal
Keynote speaker on “Creativity and Business” in the Creative Economy at corporate event in Lisbon for technology giant Samsung Portugal.

Chile Cultural Economy Conference
Conference speech on ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ at conference hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Chile.

Serious Creativity for Business Success

David is an expert in business creativity. His business creativity speeches and business creativity workshops draw on his own experience as an entrepreneur, his academic research and his work as a creative business consultant with enterprises world-wide.

This is Serious Creativity for Business Success. That’s why David was the keynote speaker on Creativity and Business at a Samsung event in Portugal. He was invited to open the Business Wisdom Summit in Ukraine as keynote speaker on Creativity in Business. He is an international keynote speaker on the subject of “How to Profit from Creativity in Business” and delivers in-house training workshops on ‘Creativity for Innovation and Profit’.

business creativity speaker and workshop leader David Parrish

‘a-Creativity’ and ‘i-Creativity’

David was the keynote speaker on creativity at TEDx Napoli, where he defined two kinds of creativity: ‘a-Creativity’ and ‘i-Creativity’, as explained in this video from his TEDx talk.

There is artistic creativity (“a-Creativity”) and a more general kind of creativity (“i-Creativity”) that could also be called Ingenuity, Innovation, Lateral Thinking, ‘Thinking Outside the Box’, or simply Problem-Solving. Read David’s article on ‘a-Creativity’ and ‘i-Creativity’, based on his TEDx talk at TEDx Napoli.

Business Creativity Speaker

David was the opening speaker on business creativity at the Business Wisdom Summit in Ukraine. He spoke on the subject of  “How to Profit from Creativity in Business” to an audience of business owners, chief executives and senior managers of businesses in all sectors of the economy in Ukraine, including international corporations, media companies, technology firms and university business schools.

Samsung Portugal chose David as their international guest speaker on ‘Creativity in Business’ at Samsung’s conference in Lisbon to celebrate the company’s 30 years in Portugal.

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, David made a business creativity speech: ‘How to Profit from Creativity in Business: Think Creatively to Achieve Success’.

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, David gave a business creativity presentation to entrepreneurs on the subject of ‘Business Creativity Around the World’.