Investment Demystified Masterclass

David delivered an online Investment Demystified Masterclass for Creative Entrepreneurs in Greater Manchester on 21 June 2023.

Investment Demystified Masterclass

The fully-funded 3-hour Investment Demystified Masterclass was designed to prepare Creative SMEs and Freelancers for the investment process.

Course Outline:
An interactive online event, giving participants maximum opportunity to learn from the presenters, and each other, with questions, answers and discussion sessions. Some small group discussions were included, as well as a presentation from the Create Growth Finance investment team, and a case study and Q&A with a creative business who has used investment to fuel their successful growth.

By the end of the Masterclass, participants were able to:
• Understand the main principles, plus the advantages and disadvantages, of equity and debt investment.
• Get investors’ perspectives and insights on what constitutes an ‘investment ready’ business.
• Decide when is the best time to raise investment.
• Understand the pros and cons of Debt vs Equity
• Learn how to draft an Investment Plan.
• Appreciate the importance of an Investment Pitch Deck

Here are some additional free resources associated with the Masterclass, for participants and others to use on their business growth journey:

T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity (Free eBook in English)
The free eBook version in English is available here.

Cash Flow Planning toolkit
A video-based online toolkit with cash flow spreadsheet template for you to use. Online here.

An Introduction to Pitching. Video online here.

The Art of Online Pitching. Webinar video online here.

Rob Hewson mentioned the “Pre-Mortem”, which is one of the creativity techniques I use in my workshops.

Create Your Own Business Formula (article)
Free article about devising a winning business strategy in the creative industries. In English and several other languages available here.

‘Designing Your Creative Business’ toolkit publication.
The complete toolkit publication in full-colour PDF format (16 pages) – online here.

RE-Designing your Creative Business
A video-based online course and toolkit, online here.

Here’s a link to a complete list of free online resources for creative entrepreneurs. Video-based courses and toolkits, books and other products are online here.

Our Course Leaders:

David Parrish
This course is being delivered by David Parrish, Founder of Creative business consultancy: T-shirts and Suits

David is a creative industries expert and specialist business advisor for creative businesses and cultural industries organisations. He is a creative industries management consultant and an expert on the management of businesses and organizations in the creative and digital industries.
His work is recognised internationally and he has worked in more than 60 countries around the world, from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe. He is the author of two books.

Nick Cavander

Nick had accrued over 15 years of experience at Film & TV creative agencies before joining the investment team here at Creative UK. He brings with him a deep and first-hand knowledge of TV and Film production that helps him to support screen investment clients with industry insight as well as his financial acumen.

Investment Demystified Masterclass