Saudi Arabia Creative Economy Conference

David Parrish was the international keynote speaker at the Ejadah Saudi Arabia Creative Economy Conference at King Abdullah Economic City near Jeddah.

The Ejadah Creative Economy Conference and Exhibition (Confex) was the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

David Parrish. Creative Economy Conference Speaker

David said:
“I am delighted and honoured to be invited to speak at this pioneering event to promote the creative industries in Saudi Arabia. I’m here to share my international experience of the creative industries and to learn more about the creative economy in Saudi Arabia.”

The Ejadah Creative Economy Conference and Exhibition was an initiative of ACE Events, to promote the growth of the creative industries in Saudi Arabia.

Mais El-Ras, Confex Organiser, said:
“David has been a pleasure to work with since day one when we have approached him. His name was specifically chosen based on his expertise and background as a creative keynote speaker. We are especially appreciating the attention to details given by David and flexibility to fit the conference theme promoting the creative economy in Saudi. Audiences from different backgrounds were highly influenced by the content presented by David throughout his two sessions “Creative Economy Worldwide” and “Combining Business Within Creativity”. Local speakers and guests have approached David in different ways and he was pleasantly attending all requesting. ACE Events as an organizer had a very smooth experience with David until the last day, which we are highly thankful for and this is definitely a presence that we look forward to have in more events to come in future.”

David Parrish. Speaker on the Creative Economy Worldwide

As keynote speaker at the Creative Economy Conference, David spoke about the creative industries and the wider creative economy. He shared his international experience of the creative industries in the UK and world-wide, giving examples of creative entrepreneurship in several different countries using his ‘Ideas in Action’ case studies. These included creative enterprises in Vietnam, Jamaica and Brazil who are successfully growing their businesses using creative business methods.

David spoke on the opening day of the Ejadah Confex on the subject of the Creative Economy Worldwide. He also made a speech on the second day entitled ‘Combining Business with Creativity:
How to be a Creative Entrepreneur’. David spoke about how to combine creative passion with smart business thinking, using Competitive Advantage and Strategic Marketing to devise a Unique Business Formula for a successful creative enterprise.

David Parrish creative industries keynote speaker at Ejadah Confex, Saudi Arabia

At the Confex, David also delivered a training workshop for creative entrepreneurs on ‘Business Growth and Marketing’.

Lobna Hamada, Ejadah Confex Workshops Organiser said:
“People in Saudi were hungry for the workshop given by David Parrish in The 2016 Ejadah Confex. Seats in the “Business Growth Strategies and Marketing” workshop were quickly sold out. Everyone who attended left equipped with creative strategies to implement in their businesses and approaches to a more successful career. The feedback was all pleasant and everyone is looking forward to more of what David has to offer in future events.”

Creative Entrepreneurs attending David's business growth workshop

Creative Industries workshop on business growth and marketing

Ejadah Creative Economy Speakers

David is a popular inspiring and entertaining keynote speaker at conferences and events world-wide. He is one of the most respected international creative industries keynote speakers on creative enterprise, the creative economy, the creative and digital industries, cultural enterprise and creativity in business. As a qualified marketing expert, David speaks about creative marketing, international marketing, marketing strategies and international business.

David is the author of two books on creative business and strategic marketing. His highly-acclaimed books are available as paperbacks, eBooks and in Audiobook format. David’s signed books are an ideal gift for conference delegates and visitors to events at which David is a keynote speaker.

He is a UK creative industries expert and delivers keynote speeches at conferences and other events for creative, digital and cultural enterprises, policy makers, creative industries support organisations, creative hubs, creative startups, creative cities, and creative businesses in other sectors.  He brings his experience of working with design, media and technology businesses to his speeches. David remains in touch with business issues and innovative growth models through his work as a business adviser, leadership coach and marketing consultant. His speeches include examples of successful creative businesses and creative industries support projects worldwide. Some of these case studies are published as ‘Ideas in Action’ articles in his books and as free downloads from his website. David continuously increases his knowledge of business models, marketing methods and international business techniques from his ongoing international work.

David often gives speeches and presentations on the subject of International Business. He speaks about international marketing, business etiquette and global business. His stories and case studies draw on his own extensive international experience, creative industries consulting and research.

“EXCELLENT was the overwhelming response of delegates about David’s speech on Creativity and Business”

(See below for more testimonials and examples of David’s speaking in China, South Korea, Finland, Brazil, Italy, Colombia, Morocco, the Philippines, Norway, Spain, Russia, Denmark, Portugal, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Malaysia, the UK , Chile, Taiwan and Vietnam.)

creative industries keynote speaker David Parrish with Sam Lee, President of Samsung Portugal, after keynote speech on creativity in business in creative city Lisbon.
Keynote speaker David Parrish with Sam Lee, President of Samsung Portugal, at Samsung event.

David has delivered keynote speeches at conferences and events around the world. For example he was the keynote speaker at the Ejadah Confex,  the Saudi Arabia Creative Economy Conference and Exhibition in 2016, the Business Wisdom Summit in Ukraine, EVCOMference 2015 in the UK,  and the Korea Creative Economy Forum. He also spoke in Russia at the World Summit of Creative Industries in Moscow, at a Samsung Conference in Portugal and a Cultural Economy Conference in Chile. He was the international keynote speaker at The Digital Debate in Bogotá, Colombia. (See many more examples and testimonials below.)

“David Parrish was an inspiration to creative and digital entrepreneurs in Bogotá and made an excellent contribution to The Digital Debate as the international keynote speaker. By bringing his wide international experience and message about combining creative passion with smart business thinking, he helped to accelerate the growth of the digital industries in Colombia.”
– Carlos F Ramirez. Managing Director. The Digital Debate, Bogotá. Colombia

creative industries keynote speaker David Parrish at Korea Creative Economy Forum 2013 in creative city Seoul, speaking on business creativity and the creative economy

TED speaker David Parrish, expert on creative industry, creative business and the creative economy

David is listed as a TED Speaker and was the keynote speaker at TEDx Napoli on the subject of creativity, at TEDxENCGJ, Morocco on Authentic Marketing and at TEDx Tromsø, Norway, on Empowerment and Creative Entrepreneurship.

David’s speeches draw on his own experience as an entrepreneur, his work with successful businesses worldwide, his research and his writings. David’s creative industries business books are often available for conference delegates as part of the arrangements to book him as a keynote speaker. Signed copies of his books are ideal gifts for conference delegates and event participants.

An experienced creative industries keynote speaker, David speaks at conferences, corporate events, forums, summer schools, creative hubs, startup events, creative cities conferences, confex events, trade shows, launches, international summits and conventions. He also gives speeches and presentations at executive meetings, management conferences, company events, promotional events, and staff conferences. David has been a guest speaker at “away days” for company directors, senior executives and at corporate strategy events. As a Creativity Consultant he is a keynote speaker on ‘How to Profit from Creativity in Business’.

David is the author of two books on creative entrepreneurship. His books have been published in translations in eight countries around the world. His books can be available at your event when David is a keynote speaker. Contact David for more details and to make arrangements.

See the Media Pack summarising David’s expertise and track record as an international keynote speaker, testimonials from clients about his speeches, presentations and lectures, plus a range of topics on which he can speak. Contact David to book him as your speaker.

“David’s talk at the Creative People Conference was that rare thing, refreshingly open, informative and amusing.  I particularly appreciated his frankness about great failures he has known – not least because they made his comments on how to avoid them more pertinent.  A very engaging speaker.”
– Jeanne Jenner. Chief Executive. Arts+Media Training

creative industries keynote speaker David Parrish speaking at the creative business cup international finals on creative business and creative entrepreneurship

David is a world-class international speaker at conferences, conventions, forums, summits, exhibitions, launches and other events. He speaks on a wide range of topics and themes relating to creative business, business growth, creative entrepreneurship, business models in the creative industries, intellectual property and licensing, raising finance, leadership and management. David has international experience and expertise in business strategy, marketing, communications, international business, strategic marketing, creativity and entrepreneurship.
Examples of David’s speaking topics include:

  • How to be a Creative Entrepreneur. Combining creative passion with smart business techniques to achieve greater success in the creative economy. Examples from around the world featuring successful creative entrepreneurs. How to use the best business methods that fit with your values and objectives.
  • Marketing Strategically. How to increase sales and profits by focusing on the right kinds of customers, deliberately avoiding some market segments, based on an analysis of competitive advantage. Strategic marketing in the creative economy.
  • How to Profit from Creativity in Business. Using both ‘a-Creativity’ and ‘i-Creativity’ to increase profits by using creative business models within the creative industries and other business sectors. Business creativity in the creative sector and elsewhere. How to use both a-Creativity and i-Creativity.
  • How to Make Money While You Sleep. Creating, protecting and licensing intellectual property to generate new income streams. Making money from creativity combined with smart business thinking. How to design a creative business to generate scaleable income streams.
  • New Business Models in the Creative Industries. Innovative ways to raise finance, engage with customers and sell creative products and services. How digital and cultural enterprises can use creative business models. Crowdsourcing, exponential growth, crowdfunding, co-opetition. Inspiring international examples.
  • Leading and Managing Creative Teams. How to increase performance using six leadership styles to inspire and manage creative people in businesses and organisations in the creative economy.
  • T-Shirts and Suits: Creativity and Business. How  creative entrepreneurs integrate their creativity with smart business thinking, to achieve business success in the creative economy. Suitable for high growth businesses as well as startups in creative hubs.
  • International Business. This includes successful marketing across national and cultural boundaries, understanding business etiquette and conventions. How to avoid expensive mistakes. Lots of international examples.
  • Marketing and Communication. Designing effective communication at corporate, management, team and interpersonal levels. Creative communication in the context of strategic marketing.
  • Authentic Marketing. The best marketing is not a ‘bag of tricks’ but a philosophy of creating win-wins with carefully selected customers. The power of authenticity in marketing. Creative marketing combined with smart business strategy.
  • The Art and Science of Communication. How to use a powerful combination of art and science to communicate effectively in the creative economy and other sectors. Enlightening examples.
  • Innovation and Creativity for Startups. Creative business models to be used in the business office to complement creativity in the studio. How startups can profit from innovative business techniques. How creative hubs can best support startups in creative cities and elsewhere.
  • Entrepreneurship in the Arts. How arts organisations and cultural organisations can become financially self sustaining at a time of cuts to grants for the arts, whilst keeping true to their artistic mission and values.

David can speak on a wider range of subjects as a conference speaker and more topics are listed on the TEDx Speaker page.

As a specialist creative industries keynote speaker, business consultant and author, he has worked in more than 40 countries around the world. David is in demand internationally and frequently speaks to audiences of creative and cultural entrepreneurs. His audiences also include professionals involved in supporting creative industry development, including economic development agencies, government ministry officials, creative business advisors, creative business support organizations and arts development institutions.