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The word ‘creativity’ is a problem because it means different things

The word ‘creativity’ is a problem. Because people use it to mean only ‘artistic’ creativity. It’s as if the artists have hijacked the word for themselves. So many people say “I’m not creative”. Meaning they aren’t good at painting, crafts or music. There are two kinds of Creativity. As a creative business owner, you can …

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Creativity loves a Crisis! Two kinds of creativity to use during the COVID-19 crisis

Creativity is a word that means different things to different people. To solve this problem, David proposes we acknowledge two kinds of creativity: “a-Creativity” and “i-Creativity”. He explains this in his keynote speech at TEDx Napoli. UPDATE: These two kinds of creativity can be used to diversify during the COVID-19 crisis. “How to use i-Creativity …

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