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In this short video from a speech in Colombia, David explains why he gives away his book for free, using the ‘Freemium’ business model.

This highly-acclaimed book was written for creative and digital enterprises by business adviser and creative industries consultant David Parrish, who has also written another book, a creative industries guide, and a large number of articles and blogs.

The book and e-Book is designed for creative entrepreneurs and people managing creative businesses and cultural organisations. This free business eBook is one of the few publications written especially for people in the creative industries and cultural industries. It offers business ideas on marketing, intellectual property, leadership, organisational structures, business strategy, and more – written especially for creative entrepreneurs and creative enterprises.

This free eBook for creative enterprises and other free resources are made available by David Parrish to help creative people become even more successful by combining their creative passion with smart business methods that fit with their objectives and values. That’s what ‘T-Shirts and Suits’ is all about!

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