Creative Marketing online resources

Here are some creative marketing online resources for creative entrepreneurs worldwide, including a free online course, a video about ‘Authentic Marketing’, free extracts from the creative marketing book ‘Chase One Rabbit’, online articles and ‘The Magic of Marketing’.

  • Free online course on marketing for creatives – with certificate
  • Video explaining ‘Authentic Marketing’ with a case study of a creative entrepreneur
  • Free extracts from the creative strategic marketing book ‘Chase One Rabbit’
  • eBook, Audiobook and Paperback versions of the creative marketing book
  • ‘What are you selling, really?’ – online article
  • ‘The Magic of Marketing’ – marketing chapter in free eBook ‘T-Shirts and Suits’
  • ‘Create Your Own Business Formula’ using a smart approach to marketing.

The free online Marketing Course
[link to free online course]

Creative Marketing Online Resources
(5 lectures = 15 minutes)
By completing David Parrish’s intensive video-based online marketing course, you will learn how to carry out simple market research, work with clients and build a marketing strategy. You will be able to complete the five lectures of this course in 20 minutes. Upon completion of a short test, you will receive a certificate from the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme.

‘Authentic Marketing’ Video

David Parrish speaking at MediaCityUK about ‘Authentic Marketing‘. Based on a true story about a creative entrepreneur, ‘Authentic Marketing’ is the first of the 63 tips, techniques and tales for creative entrepreneurs from David’s second book ‘Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success’.

Free extracts from creative marketing book ‘Chase One Rabbit’

A complete list of all the 63 Tips, Techniques and Tales in the book are online here.
Here are direct links to free extracts from selected sections of the book:

1. Authentic marketing (watch video) (blog post)
3. Strategy is invisible (read extract from book)
10. Are you a ‘busy fool’? (read extract from book)
12. What’s your competitive advantage? (read extract from book)
20. Not all customers are good customers! (watch video) (read extract from book)
25. Why ‘raising your profile’ is a waste of time (read extract from book)
26. Increase prices – to lose customers! (read extract from book)
33. Don’t do market research! (read extract from book)
42. It’s not ‘proper marketing’ (watch video) (read extract from book)
57. The 3Ms of marketing (read extract from book)

Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success. 63 Techniques, Tips and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs’ [eBook / paperback / audiobook / signed copy / info, extracts, reviews]
It is also in Spanish and French as a paperback or eBook.

Creative Marketing online resources

What are you selling, really?

If you’re a creative business or cultural enterprise, you are selling goods or services to customers, whether it’s graphic design, fashion, architecture, music, crafts, theatre, film or books.

But what are you selling, really?
Or to put it another way, what is it that the customer is really buying from you?

It’s often the case that there is a difference between what you think you are selling and what the customer is actually buying. In purchasing your goods or services, customers are also often buying into a ‘lifestyle’, a ‘feelgood factor’, a ‘talking point’, a ‘community’, or a ‘story’…… read more online here

The Magic of Marketing

This is the marketing chapter in the free eBook ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’, available to download free now.

Creative Marketing online resources

Create Your Own Business Formula

A free article in several languages that explains how strategic marketing is a key element in devising a winning business formula.

Creative Marketing online resources