Instagram Live Conversation on Creativity with Zulfiya Abdukhalikova

David was the guest in an Instagram Live Conversation with Zulfiya Adbukhalikova, hosted by Impact Hub Almaty in Kazakhstan.

“Creative Business Responses: A Conversation was an Instagram Live event that took place on Tuesday 21 April 2020.

Instagram Live Conversation on Creativity with Zulfiya Abdukhalikova

The conversation included a discussion about creativity in the creative industries and other sectors. David spoke about the two meanings of the word creativity and how to generate new ideas.

Another subject was about designing a creative enterprise to deliver success, including a good lifestyle as well as financial reward. David talked about ‘Work/Life Integration”. The COVID-19 crisis provides an opportunity to RE-Design creative businesses.

Some links relevant to the conversation, with more information are below:

– TEDx Napoli TED talk on “a-Creativity” and “i-Creativity”. Video, text of talk and downloadable PDF online here.

– ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ toolkit and workshops (more…)

– Lifestyle business and Work-Life Integration (more…)

– Free business development resources for creative enterprises, including online courses, eBooks, videos etc (more…)

– Free eBook in Russian, published in Kazakhstan: T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’. Download here.

– Business Creativity consultancy and workshops for generating and dealing with new ideas for innovation and profit (more…)


Instagram Live Conversation. Part One

Instagram Live Conversation. Part Two

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