The Future of Knowledge – Zoom webinar

David was an international speaker at a webinar about The Future of Knowledge on Saturday 19 September.

The international event was organised by FutureSkills101, with participants from the Philippines, Singapore, the USA, Bhutan, Indonesia and the UK.

David spoke about the Future of Knowledge from his perspective of creative entrepreneurship, in three ways:
– Knowledge in a Fast-Moving World
– Formal and Informal Education
– The Changing Value of Knowledge

The following links are relevant to some of the key points and examples in David’s presentation about the Future of Knowledge:

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“Why I give my book away for Free.” David explains why it makes sense to give away the knowledge in his book ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’.
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What are you selling, REALLY? (Article)

The Future of Knowledge speaker David Parrish

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The Future of Knowledge presentation from David Parrish