Why I give my book away for FREE

I can see the puzzled look on their faces. The raised eyebrows. They’re thinking I must be stupid.

There I am, speaking at an international conference about business. I’m talking about how creative entrepreneurs can make more money.

Then I tell them that I decided to give away my book. FREE. The full version as an eBook.

No wonder they’re taken aback. It sounds like a contradiction. How can you make money by giving stuff away?

Later, their frowns turn to smiles. They see I’m not so stupid after all.

I’m talking about my first book: ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’.

Published in the UK, it sold out, and was reprinted.

At that point I suggested to the publisher that they produce an eBook. And give it away. The full-colour, complete version, as a PDF. We negotiated and agreed.

But WHY do I want to give away my book for free?

For two reasons. Different, but not contradictory.

My mission is to empower creative entrepreneurs. My passion is helping creative people to use smart business thinking. So they can do their best creative work AND make more money.

So the free eBook is my “gift” to creative entrepreneurs everywhere. No strings attached. Read it. Use it. I wish you every success.

Perhaps that sounds too grand. But it’s true.

At the same time, coaching creative entrepreneurs is also my business.

And the free eBook is my advertising.

When people read my book, they want more. Coaching. Training workshops. Webinars. And speeches at conferences around the world.

(Also, people buy the paperback or audiobook versions, which pay me royalties.)

So it’s not stupid after all.

Many people take the eBook for free and some of them become profitable customers. Then they pay a premium price.

It’s ‘free’ and ‘premium’ combined. Which is why it’s called a “Freemium” strategy.

It doesn’t work for everyone of course.

I don’t push methods onto a business just because they work for me. I don’t try to fit creative businesses into square boxes. That’s what conventional business coaches do.

I’m different. I listen to the creative business owner. I get to know their business. Their ambitions. I understand that each business owner is unique. As a creative and as a person.

Then together we devise plans tailored to their precise needs.

My long experience has provided me with a ‘toolbox’. Lots of business methods and techniques. Things that have been proven to work for creative enterprises.

From my toolbox I select the business techniques they need. Then show creative entrepreneurs how to use them.

Freemium is just one tool that works well in the right circumstances.

I’ve got tons more. From my own experience of growing businesses. From working with hundreds of creative entrepreneurs around the world.

I’ll tell you about some others later on…


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‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ is a practical handbook for creative entrepreneurs to refer to and find information, examples from successful creative businesses, and practical tips about using powerful business ideas in a creative context. It’s a creative business guide for entrepreneurs in the creative industries and creative economy.

– Available as a paperback, eBook and Audiobook.
– Published in translations in 14 countries around the world.

“Clear and concise with a lovely clean design.
T-Shirts and Suits is a great mixture of theory, practice and inspiration.” – Fiona Shaw. Capsica Publishing

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