Better Online Pitching – presentation for APFI Finland

David delivered an online presentation on Better Online Pitching for Creatives International as part of a Pre Mission Briefing for a Virtual Trade Mission to Germany for APFI (Audiovisual Producers Finland).

The online Pre Mission Briefing was hosted by Simon Preston and featured an in-depth presentation from Nicola Pinder about the German market for audiovisual products.

David’s presentation covered:
1. Key points about pitching in all circumstances
2. Specific tips about pitching online

Key points about pitching in all circumstances (headings only)

– Do Your Research
– Be Clear about your Objectives
– Communicate Benefits and Results
– Cultural Differences
– End with an Impact
– Rehearse Your Pitch
– Provide Further Information

Key points about pitching online (headings only)

– Screen Sharing and Showreels
– Minimise the Risk of Technical Glitches
– The Set Up of your ‘Studio’
– Lighting and Camera Angles
– Eliminate Distractions
– Dress for your Audience – and for Yourself
– Eye Contact

Presentation slides from the Better Online Pitching presentation can be downloaded here

Better online pitching. David Parrish.

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