Futuremakers Botswana Masterclass

David delivered an online Masterclass on Creative Entrepreneurship for Futuremakers Botswana in May 2021.

Organised by Young Africa Botswana in Gaborone, the interactive masterclass for creative entrepreneurs in the Futuremakers Botswana programme covered the following themes:

– How to create and sell value using creative business models
– How to adapt to the challenges resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic
– How to access new markets, locally and internationally

David included examples from his work with creative entrepreneurs in Africa and in more than 50 countries worldwide.

        Futuremakers Botswana Masterclass             Futuremakers Botswana Masterclass     Futuremakers Botswana MasterclassYouth Business International

The following free online resources provide additional information relating to David’s Futuremakers Botswana masterclass:

Create Your Own Business Formula (article)
Free article about devising a winning business strategy in the creative industries. In English and several other languages available here.

T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity (Free eBook in English)
The free eBook version in English is available here. Also for sale as a paperback and audiobook.

Your Competitive Advantage
Page with video, diagram, article and book extracts (link)

a-Creativity and i-Creativity
Use “i-Creativity” in your creative business (link)

Strategic Marketing Book
‘Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success. 63 Tips, Techniques and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs’ (link)

Designing Your Creative Business (toolkit publication)
This is for sale online for £9.99 GBP.
Participants in the Futuremakers program can access a free copy by contacting David to request a 100% discount coupon. (Email [email protected].)

Masterclass video: “How to be a Successful Creative Entrepreneur”
Free videos plus presentation slides and links to associated resources are all on this page.

More free Business Development Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs
– free eBook, videos, blogs, examples, guides and more (link)

‘Ideas in Action’ inspirational articles and case studies
Featuring creative entrepreneurs from around the world using smart business thinking (link)

David has published an extensive online video-based course/toolkit about “COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation”.

This online video toolkit designed for entrepreneurs to use creativity plus smart business techniques to adapt to the crisis, benefit from new opportunities, diversify into new markets or products, and potentially entirely transform their business model.

This toolkit is available online at £249. Some free access passes and discount coupons available on application.

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David gave a presentation at Futuremakers Botswana in Gaborone in 2019:

“David’s ability to communicate complex business approaches in a diligent and engaging manner was much appreciated by all the youth entrepreneurs present at the workshop. His use of examples taken from existing youth businesses represented at the workshop, allowed for better contextualization of how things work on an international level yet from a micro business perspective. This in turn made the workshop participants feel included, inspired & motivated enough to take on new challenges with the newly found knowledge shared by Mr Parrish.”
 – Kgotla Molefe. Young Africa Botswana. Gaborone Botswana

“Thank you for sharing your incredible insights with the Future Makers team. I have since made effort to read you book ‘T-Shirts and Suits’. The book is an absolute amazing read and relevant to local entrepreneurs in every category. Thank you for sharing this entrepreneurial ‘Bible’ with us and people across the world.”
– Tshireletso Leselwa. Futuremakers. Young Africa Botswana.

He also delivered an Entrepreneurship Masterclass in Gaborone in partnership with Spark Ideas.

Following his presentation in 2019, David donated signed paperback copies of both of his books to the Futuremakers Botswana group.

Futuremakers Botswana

Futuremakers Botswana

Young Africa Botswana

During his visit to Young Africa Botswana in 2019, David also met with Jelena and Maarten Weers, Timothy Mweemba and the CEO and Founder of Young Africa, Dorien Beurskens.