Entrepreneurship Masterclass in Gaborone, Botswana

David presented a four-day Entrepreneurship Masterclass in Gaborone, Botwana, in partnership with Spark Ideas.

The four modules of the Entrepreneurship Masterclass were:
– Designing Your Creative Business
– Creative Marketing
– How to Make Money While You Sleep (Intellectual Property)
– Creative Pricing

David ParrDavid Parrish Entrepreneurship Masterclass in Botswana

Further information about the Entrepreneurship Masterclass is online here.
Additional business development information and links associated with the four topics of the Masterclass are listed below.

Creative Entrepreneurship Masterclass

Some of the participants on the Entrepreneurship Masterclass with David in Gaborone.

“Being a start-up, these masterclasses were insightful and very educational. I loved how the presentations and the classes were conducted; one could openly and easily ask questions. Examples given by David made it easier to understand and relate to, and gave a deeper meaning to the topics discussed. David’s sharing of mistakes that he has made as an entrepreneur was a learning tool. Thank you. And David provided us with so much informative information, links, books, and materials to read. Wow! We are truly grateful. Thank you.”
– Lorato Charlie. Gaborone, Botswana.

“Thank you so much David!  My biggest takeaway is on safeguarding our Intellectual Property Rights. It got me to evaluate my approach and showed me how I have been trivialising this issue. David story about his training manual was an eye opener. How he went about cashing in on it was just brilliant. Also, the topics on strategic positioning of your brand, pricing & packaging and conspicuous consumption. Finally, the topic on dealing with your accounting as a creative entrepreneur. Your costings, overheads, asset depreciation, and how you dissect them. David makes me feel like an expert and now I’m helping my cousin who is into photography to get his finances into order. Thank you, thank you. We had a great time. God Bless.”
– Martin De Klerk Moatshe. CoFly. www.cofly.ca

Entrepreneurship Masterclass in Gaborone, Botswana
Talitha Tim, David Parrish, Cindy Sibanda and Nicolette Chinomona.

David with the Spark Ideas team at the Entrepreneurship Masterclass.

Free resources associated with the Creative Entrepreneurship Masterclass are listed below.
There are links to information associated with each day of the Masterclass, then some more general resources you can use and share.

Designing Your Creative Business (Day One)

Relevant links and resources…

– Create Your Own Business Formula (link…)
– Your Competitive Advantage (link…)
– Video of Masterclass: How to be a Successful Creative Entrepreneur (link…)
– Seven Steps to Business Success (link…)
– Toolkit: Designing Your Creative Business (link…)
– Two kinds of Creativity: a-Creativity and i-Creativity (link…)
– PRIMEFACT checklist for internal analysis (link…)
– ICEDRIPS checklist for external analysis (link…)

Creative Marketing (Day Two)

These links are especially relevant to Creative Marketing

– Features and Benefits: the ‘So What?’ test (link…)
– The 3 Ms of Marketing (link…)
– Video about ‘Authentic Marketing’ (link…)
– What are you selling, Really? (link…)
– Superfans can boost your creative business (link…)
– Don’t hide from customers! (link…)
– Art is not what you see… (link…)
– International Marketing mistakes (link…)
– Free online marketing course with videos (link…)
– Free extracts from marketing book “Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success” (link…)
– Marketing article from my TEDx talk in Morocco (link…)

How to Make Money While you Sleep / Intellectual Property (Day Three)

Relevant links for the session on ‘How to Make Money While you Sleep’

– Protecting – and profiting from – your Intellectual Property (link…)
– Sell designs, not products (link…)
– Don’t sell it; rent it! (link…)
– Let’s license works like George Lucas! (link…)
– Ideas don’t make you rich (link…)
– That photo of Che Guevera (link…)
– Creative Commons licences (link…)
– This Invisible Hand controls cultural exports (link…)

Creative Pricing (Day Four)

These links are especially useful for Creative Pricing

– How to Calculate Prices in the Creative Industries (link…)
– Raise your Prices! (link…)
– Increase Prices with a Winning Marketing Strategy (link…)
– Don’t Discount Prices (link…)
– How to price a service or product (link…)
– Creative Passion, Competition and Pricing [Video] (link…)
– Financial Support for your Business (link…)
– The Cost of Time (link…)
– The Overheads of your Creative Business (link…)
– What are you Selling, Really? (link…)

T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity (Free eBook in English)
The free eBook version in English is available here. Also published as a free eBook in some other languages (Lithuanian, Georgian and traditional/complex Chinese for Taiwan). Further translations can be arranged, subject to a publishing agreement – see Translations page.

Free extracts from book ‘Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success. 63 Tips, Techniques and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs’
Several sections of the book are published free of charge, plus videos about the book. This marketing book was written especially for businesses in the creative industries.

Create Your Own Business Formula (article)
Free article about devising a winning business strategy in the creative industries. In English and several other languages available here.

‘Ideas in Action’ articles
Various articles illustrating cool business techniques from creative entrepreneurs around the world, available here. Some have been translated into other languages. These can be downloaded, printed and shared online.

Creative, Cultural and Digital Industries Guide
Free guide with case studies and information about marketing, intellectual property, financial management etc in the creative industries. Available here

Various videos are available and can be embedded from the T-Shirts and Suits pages of YouTube and Vimeo.

Articles on the T-Shirts and Suits blog
These blogs can be republished in print and online provided they are not changed or sold. Please share them with colleagues, clients and contacts in the creative industries worldwide. An author credit and link must be included.

Free Online Courses for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurs – Marketing and Strategic Planning
Online learning courses available free worldwide, with a certificate provided at the end of each course.

Masterclass videos and slides: “How to be a Successful Creative Entrepreneur”
Free videos plus presentation slides and links to associated resources are all on this page.

David has developed a range of creative business training workshops and masterclasses which he has successfully delivered around the world.

There is more information about his training workshops, including testimonials from clients, videos, additional resources and examples on this website.

During his visit to Gaborone, David also made a presentation to the Futuremakers group of young creative entrepreneurs at Young Africa Botswana.