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David delivered an online workshop for the meetings industry association (mia) on the subject of: ‘Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification & Transformation’.

The interactive workshop was designed and delivered by David for events and hospitality sector enterprises to adapt creatively and profitably in the current Covid-19 crisis.

The workshop included practical techniques for generating and testing new ideas. A range of diversification strategies will be offered, to provide temporary income streams or complete business transformation.

Workshop topics included:
1. Creativity in the context of business models for the events and hospitality sector
2. Systems and techniques for generating new ideas and selecting the best ones
3. Using the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and other ‘lean diversification’ methods for business development
4. Devising diversification options and priorities using the ‘Diversification Matrix’

By the end of the workshop, meetings industry association participants will:
1. Understand how to generate new ideas using specific techniques
2. Know how to use ‘lean diversification’ methods to test new ideas
3. Have a ‘Diversification Matrix’ with which to map out potential diversification strategies

“David did a really good job of translating his own experience as both a business owner, and as someone used to working in the creative industries, for an audience from another sector.  His honest, real-life examples certainly made the concepts he was introducing easier to apply to our own context. David’s honesty, warmth and plain-talking certainly helped us see what we might do next.”
Gordon Hodge. Head of Conferencing and Events. University of Strathclyde

In addition to the workshop content, the following links provide even more information about the subjects covered in the online workshop for workshop participants, other members of the meetings industry association, and other entrepreneurs:

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– Use “i-Creativity” in business (more…)
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– Create Your Own Business Formula (more…)
– Creativity Techniques and Tools (more…)
– The Feasibility Filter (more…)
– The Customer Perspective (more…)
– Don’t do ‘Market Research’ (more…)
– Ansoff’s Matrix (more…)
– COVID-19 Diversification Strategies Matrix (more…)

As well as these links to specific information, there are many other free resources for creative business development online here.

David has published an extensive online video-based course/toolkit about “COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation”.

This online video toolkit designed for entrepreneurs to use creativity plus smart business techniques to adapt to the crisis, benefit from new opportunities, diversify into new markets or products, and potentially entirely transform their business model.

This toolkit is available online at £249. Some free access passes and discount coupons available on application.

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David produces online toolkits and delivers online courses courses for creative entrepreneurs who want to combine their creative talents with smart business techniques to achieve even greater success.

Read about other events, webinars, interviews, resources and business advice, which are part of David’s response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 Crisis. The page includes videos of past events as well as notice of forthcoming events, plus some suggestions for future collaborations (more…)

David Parrish delivers interactive training workshops on creativity and innovation, marketing, intellectual property, leadership, business strategy, pricing, financial management and other business subjects. He has devised and developed a range of training workshops which he delivers at locations worldwide and online. His workshops are specifically designed for owners and managers of digital and creative businesses. They are also relevant to businesses and organisations in other sectors.

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meetings industry association workshop with David Parrish