What does ‘marketing’ mean?

Marketing is much more than a posh word for ‘selling’.

It’s much more than that. It’s the whole business, looked at from the customers’ point of view.

As David Packard famously said: “Marketing is too important to be left (just) to the marketing department'”

What marketing ISN’T is some kind of ‘magic dust’ that can be sprinkled onto any product or service to make it sell.

Read the marketing chapter from T-Shirts and Suits (PDF, 92KB)

Download the_magic_of_marketing. Excerpt from T-Shirts and Suits. A Guide to the Business of Creativity.pdf

Also, David’s marketing book ‘Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success’ has 63 sections with tips, techniques and tales for creative entrepreneurs.
Some free extracts from sections of the book are available online, plus reviews, videos and links to buy the book in the paperback, ebook and audiobook versions.

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