Jumpstart Your Business Webinar

David delivered a Jumpstart Your Business webinar in partnership with Creative England.

The interactive webinar for creative entrepreneurs focused on ‘Designing Your Creative Business’.

David’s ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ (DYCB) webinars, workshops based on the associated toolkit publication have been delivered in the UK and worldwide, including countries as diverse as Taiwan, Spain, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ireland, Portugal, Serbia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Botswana and Namibia.

This webinar and his workshops are based on his DYCB Toolkit publication. This Toolkit is also used in David’s business advice consultancy meetings and online coaching sessions with clients. It is included in the online video-based toolkit/course ‘RE-Designing Your Creative Business’. It can also be purchased to use independently.

The two-hour interactive Jumpstart Your Business webinar on 11 February 2021 focused on these key elements of ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ (DYCB):

  1. Your own definition of Success in creative, commercial and lifestyle terms.
  2. Understanding your Competitive Advantage in the wider market place.
  3. Using strategic marketing to select the right market segments and customers to focus on.
  4. Devising a winning Business Formula based on these and other factors.

About David Parrish

David Parrish informs and inspires creative entrepreneurs worldwide, through his highly-acclaimed keynote speeches, training webinars and workshops, management consultancy advice and books.
His background includes direct experience of starting up, managing, and growing enterprises in the creative and cultural industries, including international expansion.
David’s international experience includes working in more than 50 countries worldwide.
He also has academic qualifications and professional accreditations. He is a member of several professional associations in business, marketing and leadership.
David’s clients speak highly of his training projects, keynote speeches, business advice and publications. Read testimonials from clients about David and his work around the world.

David is a mentor for Advance Business Support. In partnership with Wakefield Council, Creative England are delivering Advance, an exciting programme of bespoke business support for the creative sector in Wakefield and beyond.

Further information and free online resources for webinar participants and others

Some additional resources associated with this Jumpstart Your Business webinar can be accessed by webinar participants and other creative entrepreneurs, in England and worldwide:

Create Your Own Business Formula (article)
Free article about devising a winning business strategy in the creative industries. In English and several other languages available here.

Designing Your Creative Business (toolkit publication)
This is for sale online for £9.99 GBP.
Workshop participants and other Creative England clients can access a free copy by contacting David to request a 100% discount coupon.

Special offer: free access to online toolkit for workshop participants
10 free pass’ (100% discount coupons) are available to webinar participants to access David’s online video-based toolkit/course ‘RE-Designing Your Creative Business’. The first 10 participants to contact David will receive a 100% discount coupon.

T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity (Free eBook in English)
The free eBook version in English is available here. Also published as a free eBook in some other languages (Lithuanian, Georgian, Russian (in Kazakhstan) and traditional/complex Chinese for Taiwan). Further translations can be arranged, subject to a publishing agreement – see ‘Translations’ below.
Also for sale as a paperback and audiobook.

Your Competitive Advantage
Page with video, diagram, article and book extracts (link)

Strategic Marketing Book
‘Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success. 63 Tips, Techniques and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs’ (link)

Masterclass video: “How to be a Successful Creative Entrepreneur”
Free videos plus presentation slides and links to associated resources are all on this page.

More free Business Development Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs
– free eBook, videos, blogs, examples, guides and more (link)

IP and Copyright: Making it Work
Video extracts from an online workshop for creative entrepreneurs (link)

Licensing Intellectual Property
‘Ideas in Action’ case study: “Don’t sell it, rent it” featuring Brazilian commercial illustrator (link)

Jumpstart Your Business Webinar

As well as this Jumpstart Your Business Webinar, creative businesses worldwide have achieved greater success by attending David’s creative business training workshops and webinars for entrepreneurs in the creative, cultural and digital industries.

Webinars and Online Workshops: David’s creative business training workshops for creative entrepreneurs are also provided as webinars and online workshops, sometimes in combination with other online business support.

His creative business management workshops, webinars and masterclasses include Designing Your Creative Business, marketing, business strategy, financial management, leadership, pricing, commercialising intellectual property, business growth strategies, exporting and international business.

Some training workshops and webinars are also available as online toolkits and courses.

Here are just a few examples of workshops and webinars that David has designed and delivered around the world, on the ground and online, from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe:

“Knowing Your Users, Market Fit, Values and Culture” (Multiplier Lab West Africa project)
“Exporting and International Marketing” (Creative Scale Up Programme)
“The Future of Knowledge” (FutureSkills101, Philippines)
“Fundraising for Startups” (GEN Namibia)
“The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Innovative Diversification” (Dutch Design Week)
“Creative Strategies for Survival in a Crisis” (Tunisian Startups Association)
“Better Online Pitching”
(Audiovisual Producers Finland)
“IP and Copyright: Making it Work” [Future’s Venture Foundation, UK]
“Business Strategies for the New Normal”
[GEN Philippines]
“Maximising the Monetisation of Creativity” [Women Founders Network, Albania]
“How to Maintain Creativity in a Scale Up Environment”
[Creative Scale Up Programme, UK]
“The Art of Virtual Pitching”
[Enterprise Development Centre, Nigeria]
“Three Dimensions of Profitable Pricing”
[Foundation 787, Bosnia & Herzegovina]
“Cash Flow Planning” [Baltic Creative CIC, UK]
“Entrepreneurship Masterclass” [Spark Ideas, Botswana]
“The Business of Creativity” [E3 Youth Development Hub, South Africa]
“Designing Your Creative Business”
[Impact Hub Almaty, Kazakhstan]
“How to make a Profit” [Generate Programme, Ireland]
“Doing Business in the Creative Industries”
[PODIM, Slovenia]
“Marketing – from Strategy to the Sale (without selling out)” [Big Idea, New Zealand]
“Creative Pricing” [Porto INDIE WORKERS’ Bootcamp and Networks, Bosnia and Herzegovina]
“Creative Advantage: How to Succeed in Creative Business” [British Council, Harare, Zimbabwe]
“Designing Your Creative Business” [HUBBA, Thailand]
“How to Make Money while you Sleep: The Art of Generating Cash from Creativity” [Chamber of Commerce, Curaçao]
“How to Make Your Business Strategy Work for You” (Porto INDIE WORKERS’ Bootcamp]
“Business Growth Strategies for Creative and Digital Businesses” [Donegal LEO, Ireland]
“The Numbers: Making it all add up, financial planning for creatives” [The Academy, UK]
“Doing Business Differently” [Ramelton, Ireland]
“Combining Business and Creativity” [Biz Labs, Plovdiv, Bulgaria]
“Creativity and Business: How to Succeed as a Creative Entrepreneur” [BCCF, Bandung, Indonesia]
“Designing Your Creative Business” [Novi Sad, Serbia]
“Creative Business Marketing” [Creative Lancashire, UK]
“Creativity and Business: New Opportunities for Theatre” [British Council, Baku, Azerbaijan]
“Leading Creative Cultures” [MILE, Saudi Arabia]
“Business Growth in the Creative and Digital Industries” [Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK), Kosovo]
(More examples and details below.)

“People in Saudi were hungry for the workshop given by David Parrish in The 2016 Ejadah Confex. Seats in the “Business Growth Strategies and Marketing” workshop were quickly sold out. Everyone who attended left equipped with creative strategies to implement in their businesses and approaches to a more successful career. The feedback was all pleasant and everyone is looking forward to more of what David has to offer in future events.”
Lobna Hamada. Ejadah Confex. Saudi Arabia. www.ejadahcon.com

(Read other comments from training clients and participants in workshops and webinars in Spain, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, Taiwan, Norway, New Zealand, Curaçao, Kazakhstan, Ireland, Portugal, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, Tunisia and the UK – see below.)

Creative business training workshops with David Parrish

David has delivered his ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ workshop internationally using his DYCB Toolkit publication.

Creative business training workshops also draw on material in David’s books. Signed paperback copies of his books are sometimes included with the training workshop materials that participants take away to use in their creative businesses and cultural enterprises. Copies of books can be supplied for creative industries training workshops by arrangement.

This Jumpstart Your Business webinar is part of the Ideate programme at Creative England, in partnership with Northern Powerhouse, the European Regional Development Fund and Business Growth Hub.

Jumpstart Your Business Webinar

‘Designing Your Creative Business’ workshop

Workshop for Creative Entrepreneurs. Creativity Zentrum. Bilbao from David Parrish on Vimeo.

Comments from client Creativity Zentrum – and workshop participants – about the ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ workshop for creative entrepreneurs in Bilbao, Spain.